Kensington Palace announced this weekend that the Princess of Wales would host her third annual Christmas piano recital. They released a new-to-us photo, although this was taken during the preparations for last year’s Christmas concert. The first “Together at Christmas” carol concert happened in 2021, with Kate prerecording a very cheesy “piano recital” performance and no one even believed she was actually playing. Then, last year’s concert was used as the Windsors’ unhinged dig at the Duchess of Sussex, because she said in the Netflix docuseries that she was told to never wear the same color as the other royals or wear a color that stood out, so Kate got all of the women to wear burgundy. It was asinine. What will this year’s event bring?

The Princess of Wales will take part in a Christmas carol concert to “say a big thank-you” to early years workers around the country, Kensington Palace has said. She is returning to Westminster Abbey for the service, now in its third year, which is being held to celebrate “the golden opportunity” of new birth this year.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “We are really looking forward to returning to Westminster Abbey again this year, this time to say a big thank-you to the incredible individuals who support families up and down the country every single day.”

The service, in conjunction with her work on the early years, will be attended with practitioners, midwives, nursery teachers and community volunteers, as well as members of the Royal family.

“Midwives, health visitors, baby bank volunteers, and all others in the early years workforce play a vital role in shaping the society of tomorrow,” the spokesman added.

Last year’s service, which came just three months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, was dedicated to “all those who are sadly no longer with us”.

It is understood that this year’s concert at the Abbey will showcase the hope of new life and why it is important to build supportive and nurturing environments and relationships around children and the adults in their lives. It is expected that traditional and modern elements will be combined to “encompass people of all faiths and none”.

The palace spokesman said: “It’s set to be a wonderful way to end the year for the Princess, who launched her ‘Shaping Us’ campaign in January.” The pre-recorded service, to be held on Dec 8, is broadcast on Christmas Eve on ITV.

[From The Telegraph]

I burst out laughing at “which is being held to celebrate ‘the golden opportunity’ of new birth this year.” Kensington Palace is trying so hard to make everything “golden” these days, repeatedly mentioning “the golden thread” of William and Kate’s “work,” and now the “golden opportunity” of… a new year. Kate will use the golden opportunity of a golden Christmas carol show to show off her golden-highlight discount wig and all of her jewelry will be golden. I seriously wonder what unhinged thing Kate has in store this year. She’s planning something.

Some of my favorites from Kate’s previous Together At Christmas appearances and promotion:

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