Kristin Cavallari3

Always animated, Kristin Cavallari showed off a range of interesting faces as she was seen filming a comedy skit at a restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon.


The “Hills” hottie busily chatted it up on her cell phone, then spilling her cappuccino and knocking over a plant during the course of the day’s shoot.

Earlier this week, Kristin was among the stars on hand for the Us magazine Hot Hollywood Awards – during which time she was presented with the Comeback of the Year honor.

Receiving praise from her fellow MTV co-star, Stephanie Pratt told MTV News, “I heard a rumor that Kristin Cavallari was being honored with a Hot Hollywood Award, so yeah, I got to support a castmember. I think it’s fab. I’m living by ‘grateful and not hateful.’ I love everyone. I’m just trying to be happy for everyone. So congratulations to Kristin. [She] so deserves it.”