Selena Gomez1

Selena Gomez celebrated her 17th birthday on Wednesday, and country singer Taylor Swift made sure to say Happy Birthday with a massive flower arrangement.

A Disney Channel spokesperson says, “Taylor contacted Disney Channel to make sure she could send it to the studio. It was so big two men had to carry it to the car!”

Gomez also received homemade cards from her biggest fans and gifts that included an apron that read, “I love Texas”-a shout out to Gomez’s home state.

The Wizards Of Waverly Place star showed her gratitude on a YouTube video for her fans. “All of my fans bought me so many gifts and just made me realize how blessed I am. Thank you guys so much for making this an amazing year . You’ve made this the best birthday yet."

The young star has had a huge year and following Friday’s episode of her Emmy-nominated Wizards, she will debut her music video for her cover of the 1975 classic “Magic” from the soundtrack of her own movie.