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50 Cent’s workout womanly

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workout womanly

Rapper 50 Cent admits his workout routine is a bit “girly” and he keeps in shape by “just kicking my leg”.

50 Cent says he works out like a woman.
The muscular rapper says his toned physique is the result of “girly” weight-free routines rather than pumping iron.
He said: “It’s intense, and there are no weights involved. And some of it’s like girly stuff, like just kicking your leg, but it’s muscles you don’t really ever work at. Men don’t usually go to the gym and say, ‘I’m going to develop my a*s. This’ll be the J.Lo workout.’ ”
As well as sharing his workout tips, the hip-hop star has also revealed a collaboration with British singer Robbie Williams is on the cards for 2009.
50 Cent said: “We attempted to do it during the ‘Curtis’ album. We talked about recording in Los Angeles and then the next time I spoke to him he was on his way to rehab.
“Hopefully we will have a chance to work with each other.”

What is Freezy doing?

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Nicole Kidman has been hiding out in Nashville waiting for the Australia tide of disappointment to recede. For the most part, she’s been able to steer remarkably clear of the paps. Probably because paps don’t really hang out much in Nashville…only when she calls them. And she hasn’t been.


Well… am told she’s been spotted by a few locals out and about the last few days and now the town is buzzing. Those who were lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse say there have been changes.

Lips and cheeks.

Apparently her mouth is massively swollen. And the cheeks. Word is something is up with the cheeks. Nashville gossips are speculating implants.

The timing makes sense too…?

Oscars are a month away. The Academy is keeping presenters secret in order to ramp up ratings. Gran’s friend Hugh Jackman is hosting. She’d want to support him, non?

So she has her face work completed a month early, waits for it all to settle in, and walks the carpet in (what she considers) spectacular fashion on February 22nd.

Less than four weeks to go…

Abigail Clancy’s Through Frock

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Abigail Clancy's ShockThe premiership WAG – who is dating Liverpool footballer Peter Crouch – managed to flash her leopard print knickers in a see through number that set tongues wagging.

However Britain’s Next Top model runner-up seemed oblivious to her fashion faux pas as she mingled with the biggest and the best of British music industry.

Britney Spears

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At the tender age of 8 years old, Britney auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club. She was rejected for being too young, but tried again and was signed on at the age of 11.

In 1999, Britney shot to the top of the charts with her album “Baby One More Time”. The pop album won four MTV Europe Awards and four Billboard Music Awards.Britney Spears

Britney Spears

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A beautiful picture of Britney Spears.Britney Spears

Video For Aaron Carter Fans

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Aaron Carter

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Photo by courtesy of JiveAaron Cater

Anna Kournikova Ass Video shown live while playing tennis..

Adriana Lima Topless in DT Magazine

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Not only does DT magazine apparently exist, it’s got Adriana Lima topless on the cover in its February 2009 issue. That should help move some copies of the thing.

Although, the Adriana Lima bikini photos we posted last week were so awesome, we’re not sure this magazine cover can compete. It’ll be tough, that’s for sure.

Follow the jump and see if it does

Adriana Lima Topless

Being Smart with Britney

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Being smart with Britney Smart chap trying to capture britney’s panty pic through his canon camera..

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