Lady Gaga has already had her famous comparison recently, when it was said that Christina Aguilera copied her style at the Video Music Awards this year. christina-aguiera

Displaying a theatrical look and performance style, Lady Gaga says, “This is me. I’m a lady all the time, but I do love my fashion and I’m very theatrical about it.”

Christina Aguilera was asked in an interview whether or not she copied Lady Gaga’s style, to which she replied that she hadn’t heard of her and didn’t know whether or not Gaga was a man or a woman.

Lady Gaga was cordial about that, saying that she has no enemies and that she doesn’t necessarily have a look.

In another interview, she said, “I’m not bothered by that. My performances and music are intended to be provocative, to push sexual boundaries. If anything, I was excited that she picked up on that undertone in my work.”

Gaga added, “I would so love to work with her. I think she’s amazing. I listened to her when I was a little girl.”

I love Lady Gaga’s music, so I would really love a duet by the two. If you haven’t had the chance, enter the contest we have going on for her new CD, ‘The Fame’.