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You guys, the Telegraph is talking about Prince William’s “style.” You will not even believe the main thesis of this piece either. If I asked you “what is William known for sartorially?” I think most people would say “unflattering slim-cut trousers” or “moose knuckle” or “looking drab and unmoisturized.” William is not a style icon in any way – he does not wear clothes well, unlike his father and his brother. Don’t @ me, King Charles has had impeccable style for decades. One could argue that Charles’ style was too mature/old when he was a young man, but his double-breasted suits and crisp French-cuff shirts look timeless and sharp today. Prince Harry’s style has evolved so much over the past decade too, and he’s helped out by the fact that he wears clothes well and he has the confidence and charisma to pull off anything. William just looks constipated all the time. Anyway, the Telegraph’s story is about how William is trying to style himself in a more continental way. A FRENCH way.

Pretending not to care (while secretly being very attentive to appearance) is a national sport in France. But even the chicest Parisians have noted that Britain’s Prince William has recently added pieces by French designers to his wardrobe. As we mark the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, it’s a marriage of English and French style which feels entirely appropriate.

The Prince has been photographed wearing jackets by cult French brand Sézane and knitwear by Cyrillus; the latter is one of the traditional suppliers of elegant French clothes, and has previously featured in the wardrobe of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The Prince’s Sézane jacket is particularly “French” because it’s a modern version of the classic worker jacket – the utilitarian item that rose to prominence in uniforms of the 1800s.

Prince William may have been taking pointers from his wife, the Princess of Wales, who has a long-held appreciation for Gallic design; see her Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier, for example. When the Princess came to Marseille to support the English rugby team last year, she could have passed for a well-dressed French woman in her white trouser suit and Chanel handbag. And it’s hard to get more French than the striped Breton top, symbolic of sailors from Brittany or Normandy, which she owns in numerous iterations.

Of course, Prince William certainly doesn’t have to take lessons in dressing well. While his taste might err on the casual side, the heir to the British throne comes from a long line of men in the Windsor family who are rightly regarded as models of elegance. They know how to promote the British style envied and copied throughout the world. It’s a form of sartorial excellence known to the best-dressed French men, who don’t hesitate to cross the Channel to have perfect suits made, whether in days gone by at Henry Poole – Emperor Napoleon III’s official tailor – or today with Jeremy Hackett at 14 Savile Row.

[From The Telegraph]

I’m sure these kinds of puff pieces are coming from Kensington Palace and William’s new dresser/valet. It’s like self-promotion for the valet, who is very bad at his job. The valet can’t even convince William to use a good moisturizer or night cream. The valet can’t even get William out of his slim-cut trousers or end Huevo’s love affair with those creepy knit ties. I realize that while Kate is out of view, it would probably look bad for William to show up in a brand new wardrobe and a whole new style, but “making the heir wear a French cardigan” is merely slapping a band-aid on this whole train wreck.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

Last weekend, Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy had what his family and doctors are hoping will be his third and final open heart surgery. Billy, who was born in April 2017, was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot with VSD. It was discovered when he was just three days old and required four-day-old Billy to have open heart surgery to save his life. Billy had his second open heart surgery in December 2017. Jimmy and his wife, producer Molly McNearney, have been outspoken over the last seven years, advocating for universal healthcare and continuing to fund CHIP. After Billy’s first surgery, Jimmy raised $1 million for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Billy’s third surgery was to replace one of his heart valves. After the surgery was over, Jimmy posted about it on Instagram to share the family’s good news that the surgery went well. He also once again shouted out the “miracle workers” at CHLA, stressed the importance of the Affordable Care Act, and expressed his gratitude for Billy’s well-being.

Jimmy Kimmel is feeling grateful after his 7-year-old son William “Billy” John successfully underwent his third open-heart surgery.

On Monday, May 27, the late-night show host, 56, shared a photo of his son smiling in a hospital bed, revealing in his Instagram caption that Billy underwent another open-heart surgery over the weekend. Billy, whom Kimmel shares with wife Molly McNearney, was born with a congenital heart disease in 2017.

“This weekend, our boy Billy had his third (of three, we hope) open heart surgery. We went into this experience with a lot of optimism and nearly as much fear and came out with a new valve inside a happy, healthy kid,” began Kimmel, who went on to thank all of Billy’s doctors, nurses and other “hard-working” staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“Walking around this hospital, meeting parents at their most vulnerable, children in pain and the miracle workers who do everything in their considerable power to save them is a humbling experience. We hope you never need CHLA, but if you do – know that they help families regardless of their ability to pay, thanks largely to the Affordable Care Act (another salute to the late Senator John McCain), generous donations from companies like Disney, which I am proud to work for and especially from generous people like you,” he continued.

Kimmel also thanked the “strangers who took time to pray for and send positive energy to our baby” as well as their friends and family for “rallying around us to an almost ridiculous extent.”

The comedian then thanked his wife for “being stronger than is reasonable for any Mom to be,” and his son Billy, whom he called “the toughest (and funniest) 7 year-old we know.”

“There are so many parents and children who aren’t fortunate enough to go home after five days,” he continued. “Please share your love, hearts and prayers with them and if it moves you, support @ChildrensLA (link in bio) or a great children’s hospital near you (@CMNHospitals). Nothing matters more than taking care of each other. With love and gratitude, Jimmy.”

[From People]

After the first surgery, Jimmy said that the plan was for Billy to have three surgeries. I really hope that this one is his final one! In addition to being such a brave boy, Billy seems like such a sweet, caring child, too. On his seventh birthday last month, Jimmy made another Instagram post with a special request from Billy:

Billy turns 7 today and is doing great thanks to the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff at @ChildrensLA & @CedarsSinai. Billy is asking friends “to give $7 because I’m seven to help kids in the hospital.” (he also wants a spy kit) His goal is “to raise $100 to help sick kids.”

That is such a wonderful thing to do. I’m sure Billy will follow in his father’s footsteps and continue to advocate for better healthcare in America. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but something really does have to give. It’s atrocious that healthcare is often tied to one’s employment, and that people are then subject to different levels and standards of healthcare based on their jobs, economic status, etc. The ACA did a lot of good, such as making it so that you couldn’t be refused a policy based on a pre-existing condition, removing the lifetime maximum, expanding Medicare, eliminating copays for yearly wellness visits, and making contraception free. But, there’s still so much more to be done, and as long as healthcare is for-profit, there always will be.

Here’s the link to for Billy’s CHLA fundraiser. We’re wishing him a smooth, quick recovery, a lifetime of good health, and that he got that spy kit he wanted for his birthday.

Photos via Instagram and credit: JPI Studios / Avalon

I’ll try to be as concise as possible with the Cyrus family’s hillbilly soap opera. Last year, Tish Cyrus married Dominic Purcell after a whirlwind courtship and engagement. Several Cyrus “kids” did not attend the wedding, including Noah Cyrus. Then this year, we learned why Noah has beef with her mother’s marriage to Dominic: Dominic and Noah were hooking up/dating for months before Tish “stole” her daughter’s man. Add Miley Cyrus into the mix – Miley apparently knew all about Dominic’s situationship with Noah AND Tish, and Miley took Tish’s side throughout. Noah is mad at Tish AND Miley. Tish is mad at Noah for going public with the hillbilly soap opera, and apparently Dominic hates that all of his sketchy business is out there. Meanwhile, the estrangement between mother and daughter is just… awful. Like, Tish is genuinely pissed at Noah for… hooking up with Dominic before Tish stole him? Well, here’s an update:

Despite recent efforts to mend fences, the relationship between Tish Cyrus and her daughter, Noah Cyrus, is still on the rocks following Tish’s marriage to actor Dominic Purcell.

A source tells ET, “Noah and Tish’a relationship is still very strained, but things are improving. Noah texted Tish for her birthday on May 15 and Tish was happy to hear from her. This whole drama has been upsetting for Tish and she has reached out to close friends for advice on how to fix things.”

Aside from the private text, Noah also publicly celebrated her mother earlier this month amid their ongoing rumored family rift.

The “All Falls Down” singer posted multiple throwback pics with Tish to her Instagram Story. The first, which features Tish in a sunhat holding presumably a baby Noah, was posted on Mother’s Day. The second image features Tish holding up a cake covered in candles and smiling next to a wide-eyed Noah.

“Happy birthday mom,” Noah wrote on the image.

Tish turned 57 and didn’t repost Noah’s messages, though she did opt to repost other birthday wishes on her account.

[From ET]

I find it sort of heartbreaking that Noah is the one publicly reaching out to Tish. If I was in Noah’s situation, I would need a nice, long break from my entire family, especially my mother. I would not want to be around any family members, lest I run into my former-lover-turned-stepfather. It says a lot about Tish as a mother too, that she’s this… unresponsive when it comes to Noah trying to make peace. Of course, this whole thing has really exposed Tish as being pretty f–king awful.

Photos courtesy of Tish’s Instagram, Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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Darius Rucker’s memoir, titled Life’s Too Short, came out on Tuesday, May 28. In the book, Darius talks about his painful childhood, forming and leaving Hootie & the Blowfish, his country music career, years of heavy drug use, and more. There’s also stories of famous friends he met along the way. One of the stories Darius includes in the memoir involves Woody Harrelson saving his life. 25 years ago, Darius visited Woody in Hawaii and the two of them, along with a third friend named Kirk, decided to make a “treacherous descent” down a cliff to swim at a small beach. Unfortunately, Darius, Woody, and Kirk got more adventure than they’d bargained for when Darius got caught up in a rip current.

“At Woody’s, if you want to go swimming, you don’t simply slip on your trunks and dive into the pool. Way more complicated than that. We begin our swim by climbing down a jagged cliff — very slowly and carefully, inch by inch,” Rucker, 58, wrote in the first chapter of his Life’s Too Short memoir, released on Tuesday, May 28, recalling a two-week stretch where he stayed with Harrelson in Hawaii.

After a “treacherous 25-minute descent” they reached a small beach. Rucker, Harrelson and a third friend, Kirk, decided to go swimming.

“I’m better than a decent swimmer. I’m a strong, confident swimmer,” Rucker wrote, but the Hawaiian water made him think otherwise. After losing sight of Harrelson and Kirk — plus any land — Rucker remembered getting pulled under by a rip current.

“The current is ferocious. I feel as if some horrific giant squid has lashed itself around my body, circling and tightening its tentacles around my legs, dragging me under the water. I gulp and I gasp and I keep fighting,” Rucker writes. “I fight and flail for I have no idea how long — ten minutes, fifteen — and then I hear a voice. Woody. I can’t see him, but I hear him. He’s not far.”

Eventually, Harrelson caught up to Rucker in the water. Together, the two of them floated until Rucker felt himself “drifting away.” The singer told Harrelson to let him go after seeing “a blinding blast of white” and various visions of his late mother.

“The words leak out of my mouth, one at a time, each syllable a tiny jab of air, causing me to gasp. I blow out a final burst of words. ‘This is it,’” Rucker wrote. Harrelson, refusing to let his friend die, found Kirk in the water and they saved Rucker.

The moments between being saved and making their way back to the beach are “blank,” Rucker wrote. “All I know for sure is that somehow Woody pulls me out of the current and he and Kirk drag me back to the beach because here I am, twenty-five years later,” he shared.

Elsewhere in the chapter, Rucker said he doesn’t recall the origin of his friendship with Harrelson but after meeting, they “hit it off” immediately.

“Truth is, everybody wants to be friends with Woody,” Rucker wrote. “He’s kind, generous, fun, and mellow.”

[From US Weekly]

That sounds so terrifying. Thank goodness Darius wasn’t swimming out there alone and that Woody and Kirk were able to save him. Rip currents are no joke. I love swimming in the ocean but I’ll freely admit that it scares the crap out of me on some level every time. PSA since it’s about to be beach season: If you’re ever caught up in a rip tide, don’t fight against it! That was Darius’ mistake. If you’re not a strong swimmer, float with it. If you are a good swimmer, swim parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current and then work your way back to the shore at an angle away from the current. I bet Woody was yelling at Darius to stop fighting it because it sounds like once he reached him, he knew to float until they were out of it. Again, thank goodness he was there and knew what to do to help Darius out.

Embed from Getty Images

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Embed from Getty Images

photos credit: Judy Eddy/Cover Images and Getty

As I’ve noted a few times this week, we’re seeing a new strategy unfold in real time with the mysterious disappearance of the Princess of Wales. Kate has not been credibly seen in public in over five months, although palace sources seem especially keen to run around, claiming that Kate has been out and about and running errands in recent days. The Mail’s Richard Eden got that tip last week, then the Mail’s Becky English got the same information, then People Magazine and Us Weekly ran suspiciously similar stories about “Kate is out of the house, we can report exclusively!” Well, it looks like Katie Nicholl was also on the same email chain, because Nicholl has returned to Vanity Fair with this exclusive:

Following reports that Kate Middleton has been seen out and about with her family in recent days, speculation has turned to when the princess will return to official engagements.

Reports claiming that Princess Kate is unlikely to be back at work until next year are inaccurate, sources tell Vanity Fair, and while the Daily Mail has reported that Kate could be back as soon as this autumn, no official return date has been planned.

VF has been told that Kate is in no hurry to return to work, with her focus being entirely on her recovery. According to one well-placed source, “There is no timeline, and there is certainly no hurry. It will be when Catherine feels ready and when she gets the greenlight from her medical team. But she will 100% be coming back to work, of that there is no question.”

Princess Kate has not participated in an official public engagement since Christmas Day. Her long absence from the spotlight is understood to be one of the reasons that she was keen to deliver the news about her cancer via a video message. According to insiders, Kate wanted people to see that she was doing okay.

Sources close to the princess have told VF that the royal, who is going through a course of preventative chemotherapy, has “turned a corner” with her treatment in recent weeks and is feeling a lot better.

“It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better,” says a family friend. “It has, of course, been a very challenging and worrying time. Everyone has rallied around her—William, her parents, and her sister and brother.”

[From Vanity Fair]

If you ask me, two concurrent events scared the palace: the five-month mark of Kate’s last public sighting and that very strange Daily Beast piece, where sources claimed that Kate probably wouldn’t be seen for all of 2024, and she was being looked after by her “birth family.” I also feel like we’re seeing a Buckingham Palace-versus-Kensington Palace issue. BP took over the messaging on Kate back in March, after KP kept getting caught in lie after lie. I haven’t worked out exactly what is happening, but I’ve seen enough this year to say with confidence that the KP team is not on the same page as the BP team. So… yeah, it’s interesting that “sources” are insisting that Kate won’t be gone all year and that she’s 100% coming back to work.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez on Tuesday, May 28. She grabbed lunch at the Maybourne Hotel, then went to her Beverly Hills office. Ben was not with her. While Ben and Jen did a few things together last week for their kids/stepkids, Ben also went solo to his daughter Violet’s high school graduation party. I remember hearing, several years ago, that Violet isn’t crazy about J.Lo, but it might have just been a rumor. Backgrid, the photo agency, also claims that J.Lo’s lunch date yesterday was none other than Violet Affleck, so maybe Jennifer took her stepdaughter out to lunch for a graduation treat and an apology for missing Violet’s graduation. Anyway, the vibe around Bennifer is still “up in the air.” Whatever is happening between them, they’re still talking and spending time with each other, but Ben is maintaining a separate home in Brentwood.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s career these days is a mixed bag. She has yet another streaming hit with Atlas, her poorly-reviewed Netflix movie. The numbers are great though, and clearly, people love that J.Lo makes Prime and Netflix movies that they can watch from the comfort of home. Unfortunately, people do not want to leave the house to support her musical career though. Not only were her concert ticket sales severely underwhelming, but it looks like her reported $90 million Las Vegas residency is in jeopardy too:

Jennifer Lopez was recently in talks for a $90 million Las Vegas residency — but the blockbuster deal now looks shaky at best as her new album and upcoming concert tour are flopping badly, The Post has learned. The embattled pop diva — whose headline-grabbing marriage to Ben Affleck is reportedly crumbling — recently had been in talks with MGM Grand on a guaranteed $1 million a show for 90 dates starting next year, a source close to the situation told The Post.

But casino executives have lately grown skittish over abysmal ticket sales for her first tour in five years following the release of her “This is Me … Now” album in February — with poor demand having forced the cancellation of seven shows this summer, the source said. No Vegas deal has yet to be announced. That’s despite a report from The Mirror on Feb. 2 that MGM had teamed up with Live Nation to offer more than $800,000 a show. Rival casino Resorts World upped the bidding to $875,000 per show in partnership with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) soon after, sources said.

MGM and Live Nation then swooped in with the $1 million-a-show offer for the “Let’s Get Loud” singer — but buyer’s remorse has lately set in, the first source said.

“MGM is watching her not doing well on the road. They are very nervous,” the person said. “It’s pretty rare you have a poor tour and then go to Vegas.”

Now, the Bronx-born star could be looking at a significant haircut to the $90 million windfall. A Lopez residency should fetch just $600,000 to $650,000 and be for fewer shows, the source said. Another source with knowledge of the MGM talks said no deal was ever signed, but discussions have continued.

[From The NY Post]

Here’s the thing – I don’t think it necessarily follows that “if you can’t sell out a tour for an unpopular album, then your Vegas residency will be unpopular too.” People will actually want to see J.Lo in Vegas, for the spectacle of it, for the dancing and for her greatest hits. Like, This Is Me… Now is not a good album and even hardcore J.Lo fans were not supporting that mess. But those fans will come back for a “greatest hits” residency. Waiting for Tonight! Jenny From the Block! I’m Real! Love Don’t Cost A Thing! Let’s Get Loud!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

The full-length trailer for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is out and I’m really into it! It looks delightfully weird and the actors look like they’re having a ball. [OMG Blog]
Sofia Richie welcomed a daughter named Eloise. [Hollywood Life]
Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner had dinner in Miami. [Socialite Life]
Michelle Yeoh’s jewelry is always insane. [LaineyGossip]
Elle Fanning looked gorgeous in Cannes. [RCFA]
Can Furiosa live up to Mad Max: Fury Road? [Pajiba]
Chris Hemsworth got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [Go Fug Yourself]
Anya Taylor Joy & other celebrities were out for the Monaco Grand Prix. [Just Jared]
Cher performed at the Cannes amfAR gala. [Seriously OMG]
How many Kardashian-Jenners have private planes? [Starcasm]
Amnesia about Donald Trump = Trumpnesia. [Buzzfeed]

Embed from Getty Images

Here are some photos of Prince William and Prince George, attending the FA Cup final on Saturday. William’s favorite team, Aston Villa, lost in the semifinals, much to his disappointment. So William brought George to watch the final between Manchester City and Manchester United. Man U won. William went out on the pitch to hand out the trophy and greet the teams. This is only the second time we’ve seen George in 2024, and both of his public outings have come at football matches. We have not seen Charlotte or Louis publicly since last Christmas, and I do not believe that their birthday portraits were taken recently or even this year.

This outing also came after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called the general election and Buckingham Palace promptly announced that they were hitting pause on all of their outings throughout the six-week election cycle. King Charles canceled several events, and William canceled some mysterious outing which was supposed to be a surprise. It was weird. As I said before, I actually understand why the Windsors are avoiding charity visits which might draw attention to a “political” issue (homelessness, food insecurity, war, immigration), but on the other hand, it looks like they were desperate for an excuse to avoid work. In William’s case, he only wants to do “work” when it involves celebrities, football or pretending to be a global statesman.

William’s outing also came just days and hours after a renewed conversation about his mysteriously vanished wife. Last week, the Mail’s Richard Eden said his sources were telling him that the Princess of Wales would likely not be seen until this fall. Then the Daily Beast’s sources were like: Kate probably won’t be seen at all this year and oh btw, she’s only being surrounded by her “birth family” these days. Weird weird weird.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

In my lifetime, various American politicians have suggested a “national service” scheme for young people, often some kind of “mandatory” or volunteer military service or community service. Those schemes rarely go anywhere, although programs like the Peace Corps are still highly competitive (and those successful programs should probably just be expanded). Well, now Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is running for reelection by introducing a “national service” scheme for young British people. It probably won’t go anywhere – especially since the Tories will likely face a historic loss in the general election on the 4th of July – but if Sunak’s scheme goes through, it means that young royals would also have to “serve” in the scheme.

Young royals will have to spend a year in the military or volunteer in the community under Conservative plans to revive National Service. Rishi Sunak made the first major policy announcement of the general election campaign on Sunday, vowing to bring back National Service for 18-year-olds. He said this would entail either a year on a military placement or spending one weekend of each month volunteering.

More details have now emerged about the scheme, including that there will be very limited exemptions from participation. The Conservative Party told The Telegraph that this included royal children being expected to take part. The Prince and Princess of Wales have three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie also have young children who would be eligible to take part once they reach 18 as well as Prince Edward’s son, the Earl of Wessex, who is 16.

The Royal family has a long history of serving in the military. Prince William attended Sandhurst before spending seven-and-a-half years in full-time military service.

The Tories have also revealed how they plan to encourage teenagers to apply for the military scheme, including participants being potentially favoured when applying for jobs. One option that has been suggested is the introduction of fast-tracked routes into graduate schemes and the civil service for those who have taken part. Another proposal is that employers are encouraged to consider Armed Forces recruits during the hiring process and that participants are given the opportunity to highlight their military experience on their Ucas applications for university and apprenticeships. There will be 30,000 places on the 12-month military scheme each year, and it is hoped that it will be highly competitive.

[From The Telegraph]

Here in America, there are several programs which help employers prioritize military and former military job candidates. It’s sort of a remnant from how poorly veterans were treated post-Vietnam, there was a larger movement to help veterans get jobs, etc. I guess Britain doesn’t have any of that? As for the royal kids ending up in this national service scheme… the Windsors will argue that their lives are dedicated to service anyway, that’s why they live in palaces and castles, because they’re performing a “service” to the British people. Anyway, yeah, none of this is going to happen.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival had a weird vibe. I’m saying that from the outside looking in – there was a distinct lack of glamour on the red carpet and a distinct lack of buzz around Cannes. Cannes used to be Harvey Weinstein’s favorite hunting ground, and the film festival organizers have done very little to change the festival’s reputation away from “the festival for predators and abusers.” Things turned especially sour last week when Kelly Rowland was basically shoved off the red carpet by festival security. Several security guards buzzed around her, ruining her photos and refusing to allow her to pose on the steps. Kelly told one of the security guards off, and Kelly later said that she felt like there was racism involved. There was.

Days later, Dominican actress Massiel Taveras was also involved in an incident in Cannes. Just like the Kelly Rowland incident. Massiel was not allowed to simply pose for photographers and unveil her long train. Security once again buzzed around her, blocking photos and attempting to hustle her up the steps. The very same security woman who got told off by Kelly Rowland was there. That security woman put her hands on Massiel and Massiel threw hands right back:

The very same security people were also involved with hustling South Korean star Yoona off the carpet and ruining her photos too.

So… what the hell was going on? Why did festival organizers fire these a–holes? Was there a specific mandate to ruin the red carpet for women of color? Why did Cannes organizers not apologize to Kelly, Yoona and Massiel? This is insane. Massiel posted a statement on her social media and she gave a lot of love to Kelly as well.

Photos courtesy of Massiel’s Instagram.

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