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Well well well! Carole and Michael Middleton made an appearance today at Day 2 of Royal Ascot. This is only their second “public outing” since King Charles’s coronation last year, and since their business, Party Pieces, collapsed into total insolvency. Their only other public outing since all of that mess came last December, at Kate’s dumbass Christmas carol event. Now, there have been “sightings” of Carole this year – she was driving Kate (or someone) in an SUV in Windsor back in March (the silly season of fake Kate sightings). Carole was also reportedly at a Norfolk pub with Prince William in April.

Last week, we heard that Carole and Michael are literally too broke to pay the insolvency firm which handled the fire sale of Party Pieces for £180,000 (and the new owner did not take on any of Party Pieces’ £3 million debt). The fact that Carole and Michael are now out and about at Royal Ascot is fascinating for no other reason than “how the hell can they afford to keep up these appearances?” How can Carole’s broke ass afford this £350 Self-Portrait dress? I’m sure their creditors would love to know. Speaking of, it’s remarkable to read the British media’s coverage of the Middletons’ appearance at Ascot. Nary a mention of how they f–ked over banks, the government and small businesses with their fraud. It’s all “oh, how lovely, the Middletons are out for Ascot!”

Keep your eye on all of this. I’ve long believed that the Windsors were happy to throw the Middletons to the wolves all of last year and it was clear that the Midds were declared persona non grata for a while. If the Middletons are being welcomed back with open arms by the media and the Windsors, something went down behind-the-scenes.

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Photos courtesy of Getty.

CB covered the news last Friday, when the Princess of Wales announced her plans to attend Trooping the Colour. Kensington Palace published a new photo of Kate in the woods, a visual signifier that she is literally “not out of the woods,” health-wise. The Matt Porteous photo was widely criticized on Friday night for being yet another heavily edited pic coming out of the palace. That conversation sort of got overshadowed by Kate’s first public appearance in nearly six months, when she came out for Trooping. So… how did all of this go down behind-the-scenes? Page Six had an interesting story about why Kate made the choices she made:

Kate Middleton went so far as to rewear a dress from her closet in order to keep her return to the public eye a secret — while making contingency plans if she felt ill on the day, sources tell Page Six. The cancer-stricken Princess of Wales was keen to join her family at King Charles’ birthday celebration and Trooping the Colour parade this past Saturday. But there were only a few people kept in the loop. Kate personally called her father-in-law — who’s also being treated for cancer — to tell him the good news and he was “delighted” she could attend, the king’s spokesperson told Page Six.

Well aware that her appearance would cause a commotion around the globe, 42-year-old Kate — who had not made a public appearance since Christmas Day — quietly called upon royal photographer Matt Porteous for a top-secret shoot at home last week. Kate penned an extremely personal message to be issued alongside her latest photo, admitting there are “good days and bad days” and stressing that she is “not out of the woods yet.” Dressed down in jeans, a white T-shirt, brown blazer and sneakers, the princess was captured by Porteous soaking up the lush greenery of the Windsor estate close by her home, Adelaide Cottage.

Being outside gives her strength and “being connected to nature is something that continues to support her recovery,” a source told us. “She enjoys spending personal time on the things that give her energy and positivity.”

When it came to Kate’s outfit for the parade, she chose to “upcycle” a white dress she first wore on the eve of King Charles’ coronation last year, with her hair swept into an updo beneath a white hat by Philip Treacy. She accessorized the outfit with her Cassandra Goad Cavolfiore pearl studs — previously worn to Prince Louis’ christening in 2018 and Wimbledon in 2023 — and the Irish Guards Regimental brooch, nodding to her role as the regiment’s honorary colonel. The simple white and black dress by British designer Jenny Packham was updated with black trim and ribbon embellishment on the neckline, as well as a black belt. While repeating the dress made a sustainable fashion statement, it also served another purpose.

“Just by reworking what she already owns, it allowed Kate to keep this secret [of her appearance] within her very closest and most trusted team,” said Bethan Holt, Fashion Director at the UK Telegraph. Kate is still believed to be working with her longtime stylist Natasha Archer.

“We definitely know that Kate has tailors in house to help make something fit her perfectly, and they could have easily added the new belt and that bow detail at the neckline, so Jenny Packham may not have even known Kate was going to re-wear the dress,” said Holt. However, Holt added, Packham is one of Kate’s “most trusted” designers. She pointed out that Kate has worn a custom Packham dress every time she left hospital with each one of her newborn children. “Those are very intimate, important moments, so it’s a natural decision that Kate would turn to Jenny once again,” said Holt.

When it came to Saturday, behind the scenes, staff at both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace worked together to ensure there would be appropriate contingencies if Kate felt unwell or unable to travel to the Horseguards Parade and step on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

[From Page Six]

Re: the Packham dress, that was one of the better upcycles I’ve seen from Kate. I thought it was a new dress, I didn’t realize she just added My Fair Waity ribbons to a Packham dress we saw just before the coronation last year. Now, do you think recycling an old dress had another purpose? Has Kate not been dress shopping in the past six months? I guess she hasn’t been shopping, because we surely would have heard about it, or heard if Natasha Archer was picking up clothes for her. So Kate sort of had to go with something already in her closet, right?

As for the Porteous photo… Christopher Bouzy was doing breakdowns of how the pic was edited and he was being attacked by British media figures for it. Which is big “tell” that something in the milk ain’t clean about the photo.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red, Matt Porteous/KP.

Here are some photos of Day 1 of Royal Ascot, which was Tuesday, June 18th. King Charles and Queen Camilla were in attendance, because Charles is trying to rebrand himself as a late-in-life horse enthusiast. Zara and Mike Tindall were also there, because they turn up to practically every royal event and no one blinks an eye. Prince Eugenie was also there, but she was not included in the “royal procession,” where royals ride along in carriages and wave to the peasants.

Someone who was invited to the royal procession? Lady Gabriella Windsor. She was also invited to Trooping the Colour, but she did not step onto the balcony. So Ascot marks her first real public appearance since her husband’s February death. Gabriella was invited to ride in a carriage with Princess Anne and Peter Phillips. Gabriella looked okay, all things considered. She’s lost a noticeable amount of weight but she made the effort to show up and smile. Hr vibe was “I’m ready to get out of the house for a few hours.”

The Court Jeweller had some interesting details about Camilla and Charles’s Ascot bling. Charles wore an antique tie pin bearing the royal cypher of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria. Which is just weird, right? Meanwhile, Camilla dusted off her new favorite sapphire piece, the absolutely enormous Prince Albert’s Brooch, an extraordinary diamond-and-sapphire piece given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert the night before their wedding. Camilla has worn the piece twice before. It was also a favorite of QEII. Camilla also grabbed a pair of QEII’s earrings with sapphires, diamonds, rubies and pearl drops. Camilla’s blue ensemble was done by dressmaker Fiona Clare, in her favorite “zippered housedress” style.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

Justin Timberlake was apparently arrested on Monday night for driving while intoxicated. As of Tuesday morning, he was still in jail – likely sobering up – but he was released/bailed out by Tuesday afternoon. He was arrested for DWI in Sag Harbor, New York. It took a minute for the tabloid sites and New York media to call their law enforcement sources, but they had an abundance of tea by Tuesday afternoon as well. Obviously, the New York Post has been leading the charge. The NYP LOVES when celebrities commit crimes in New York. According to their sources, JT refused to take a breathalyzer, and the arresting officer didn’t even recognize Justin’s washed up ass.

Justin Timberlake refused to take a breathalyzer test when police pulled him over in Sag Harbor, NY, prior to his DWI arrest early Tuesday. Sources tell Page Six that the “Selfish” singer was at the American Hotel “with a bunch of friends” Monday night and “there were cops stationed outside where he was having dinner.”

After Timberlake left, we’re told the cops “pulled out and they pulled him over for a traffic violation.”

“His friends were telling the police, ‘Let him go, let him go,’” one insider tells us.

Sources say the pop star took a field sobriety test but “refused” a breathalyzer test. We’re also told that the cop who pulled Timberlake over “was so young that he didn’t even know” who the 10-time Grammy winner was. “He didn’t recognize him or his name,” our insider says.

A second source adds, “Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour.’ The cop replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said, ‘The world tour.’”

Timberlake, 43, was taken into custody shortly after midnight and charged with one count of driving while intoxicated and two other traffic violations: not stopping at a stop sign and failure to stay in a proper lane of travel.

His attorney, prominent Hamptons lawyer Eddie Burke Jr., did not elaborate on the specifics of his client’s arrest when reached for comment.

“He was a gentleman,” the second source tells Page Six. “He didn’t show any entitlement at all. He did refuse the tests, but that is his right.”

Ironically, the American Hotel is located directly across the street from the office of Burke Jr., who has previously repped clients such as Lizzie Grubman and Matt Lauer. The “SexyBack” singer was arraigned and released from custody on his own recognizance Tuesday morning. His license will be suspended in New York, but we’re told he has an out-of-state license.

[From Page Six]

Out of state license… that’s what I don’t understand. Why was Justin even in Sag Harbor? I think he has a place in Manhattan (or he did at some point) and he and Jessica have a place in Colorado and maybe LA. Do they own property in the Hamptons or somewhere in Long Island? Why was out there? Another question I have – clearly, if the cops were waiting outside the bar, they’re used to rowdy, drunk rich folks driving drunk out of the parking lot. Why did Justin not stop at the sign and why was he incapable of driving in the correct lane? He must have been sh-tfaced, just my guess. As for the cop failing to recognize him… lmao.

They also got a photo of Justin in handcuffs, and his mugshot was released too. Ten bucks says he announces a rehab stay by the end of the month. He should welcome it – Page Six is also running a story about how “everyone knows” that he’s had a drinking problem for years. His face tells the tale, as I said yesterday. A music insider told Page Six: “It’s not a secret. Everyone knows. He has a real drinking problem, a lot of weed — but a major alcohol problem, and he’s been hiding and masking it for years.” I hope this is a wakeup call. I’m being genuine – he should go to rehab and try to live a sober life.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Monday was Garter Day in the UK, meaning the annual service for the Order of the Garter. Many of the senior royals are members of the Garter, plus some non-British royals, like King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands and Spain’s King Felipe. There are also just well-connected or extraordinary British people – like Andrew Lloyd Webber – who are Garter knights. Every year on Garter Day, the knights of the Garter gather in Windsor for a service at St George’s Chapel.

This year, Garter Day was attended by King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, all of them Garter knights or whatever. The Duchess of Edinburgh does not belong to the Order of the Garter, but she was still there to show her support for her husband. She spent most of her time with William though, because William went stag to the event. No Princess of Wales – she wasn’t scheduled to appear, so it’s not like her absence was a last-minute scandal or anything. She’s not a Garter lady-knight or anything, but like Sophie, she usually comes out to support her husband.

So what can we gather from the Garter Day photos? Sophie is really doing the most to cozy up to an angry egg. Edward and William really resemble each other these days. William is fine with hanging out with Edward & Sophie too, he rode in the carriage with them and he and Sophie spent more time together than Sophie and Ed. Camilla still looks like the cat who got the cream. Charles looked a bit perkier on Garter Day than at Trooping. William looked perkier too – it seems like Kate’s absence actually makes everything run smoother, huh? And I still kind of hate-respect how Camilla actually rocks the velvet cape and white plumage.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

Almost one year ago exactly, Prince William brought the Duchess of Edinburgh as his “date” to a documentary screening. It was odd because it wasn’t like Princess Kate was busy, and it didn’t feel like Sophie and William had ever been particularly close. That outing caused some commentary about how Sophie and William have some kind of special bond. Well, the special bond was on display yet again on Monday, Garter Day. With the Princess of Wales skipping the service, William rode in a carriage with Prince Edward and Sophie, then Sophie was seen paying much more attention to William than her husband. The Daily Mail swears that Sophie is a “maternal” figure to Huevo.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Edinburgh were snapped enjoying another intimate moment together yesterday – the latest in a series of interactions which demonstrate the ‘maternal’ pride ‘supportive’ Sophie has for the heir. Sophie, 59, is married to 41-year-old Prince William’s uncle Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, 60. And the mother-of-two seems to share close bonds with many members of the Royal Family.

As well as her famously close bond with the late Queen Elizabeth II, Sophie is also believed to be close to both Kate, the Princess of Wales, 42, and William. And this closeness was on display yesterday, during the ancient Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle.

As the royals left following the service, William and Sophie were photographed smiling and chatting with each other, appearing to enjoy each other’s company. This interchange followed a sweet moment the two royals shared two days earlier, during Trooping the Colour. After the family appeared on the balcony to watch the RAF flypast, Sophie was seen placing a comforting hand on William’s back as they made their way back into the palace.

Commenting on the moment in a post on X (formerly Twitter) royal commentator Victoria Arbiter described Sophie’s gesture as one of support and comfort.

She wrote: ‘Always on hand to offer her support, The Duchess of Edinburgh was pictured giving Prince William a comforting “you did it” as the royals returned inside following their balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s more complicated than “Sophie approached William like a loving aunt/surrogate mother,” in my opinion. Back in the day, Sophie absolutely thought she would be the next Diana, and that she would “fill” the role as the Windsors’ next charismatic blonde. That did not work out for her. But I don’t think Sophie actually treats William like an aunt or whatever. She genuinely seems to be sucking up to “the heir.” Flattering him, playing to his ego. It’s definitely… something.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

All of the post-Trooping the Colour keenery has been interesting to watch, although I’m sure I missed some of it. My genuine happiness at seeing the Princess of Wales has shifted over to annoyance at the canonization commentary of “Saint Kate, who is better than the lesser mortals with cancer.” I’m also fascinated by Buckingham Palace’s very obvious shift away from Kate’s presence at Trooping and overemphasizing the importance of Charles being seen with his Wales grandchildren. All in all, a wealth of competing PR narratives and general weirdness. Well, Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair has a new piece. It looks like the Middletons are finally taking her calls too.

The announcement that the Princess of Wales was to attend Trooping the Colour came late on Friday, and it all but guaranteed a record turnout. The palace had previously indicated that the princess, who had not been seen in public since Christmas Day, would not carry out any public engagements while undergoing cancer treatment. Kate, who is Colonel of the Irish Guards, did not attend last week’s. However, after turning a corner on her health journey, Kate, who is undergoing a course of preventative chemotherapy, decided that she wanted to attend.

“It was the Princess’s decision and hers alone,” a source close to the family told Vanity Fair. “Catherine discussed the idea with William and with the King after having the OK from her medical team. Thankfully she has been feeling much better recently and Trooping has been something of a goal for her to work towards.”

Immaculately dressed in a white Jenny Packham dress and Jimmy Choo heels, coordinating smartly with her children’s navy and white outfits, the Princess looked radiant and happy. Aware that the cameras would be trained on her, she smiled almost constantly, but there were occasional moments when she appeared pensive, and after standing for an hour to watch the ceremony at Horse Guards, she gratefully accepted a seat.

The King has been a pillar of support to the Princess following her cancer diagnosis and has confided to friends that their shared experience has brought them even closer. Their warm and easy banter certainly showed the closeness between them. Charles had told his medical team and aides that his appearance at Trooping was “non-negotiable” and he was delighted that his daughter-in-law was well enough to be by his side for the occasion.

[From Vanity Fair]

Variations of “The king was delighted that Kate was there” have been briefed far and wide, as if to block the narrative that Charles was mad that Kate’s presence pulled focus from him and she stole his parade thunder. I genuinely believe that Charles does feel like Kate stole his thunder (after all, he was reportedly furious last year when she turned up to the Chelsea Flower Show on the same day), but he also understands that Kate and the kids couldn’t stay hidden forever, and it was better to exhibit her in a controlled fashion, where he could get some personal mileage out of it (the “grandpa keenery”).

All of which to say, I seriously doubt that “It was the Princess’s decision and hers alone.” Whatever has been happening behind the scenes for the past six months, Kate’s Trooping appearance had the feel of something stage-managed and ordered by Charles and his courtiers. Remember, I’ve been saying that Buckingham Palace wrested control of KP’s communications in mid-March, after the frankenphotos and bizarre/staged “sightings.” BP has clearly been “in charge” of the Kate situation since March 18th or thereabouts.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

I remember, years ago, when it felt like every celebrity was drinking and driving. There was like a three-year rash of celebrity DUIs and DWIs. It was legitimately a “trend” and a horrible one at that. There was significant backlash to the trend at the time too and Mothers Against Drunk Driving came out repeatedly to educate young people. Then drunk-driving was replaced by texting-and-driving as an issue. But I digress. We haven’t had a big-name celebrity get caught drunk driving in a minute. That’s what happened in Sag Harbor, New York on Monday. Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Justin Timberlake was arrested on Long Island on Monday night and accused of driving while intoxicated, authorities said.

The pop superstar, who was still in custody in Sag Harbor on Tuesday morning, the Sag Harbor Village Police confirmed to NBC News.

He will face a DWI charge, a court official said.

[From NBC News]

My guess is that Justin has been drinking too much for years. His face tells the tale, iykyk. I remember when he was caught being completely sh-tfaced in New Orleans and cheating on his wife too – that happened in 2019. And you know it’s bad when someone is drinking to excess on a MONDAY. Anyway, shame on him. He’s in his 40s – he knows better and he’s extremely lucky he didn’t hurt himself or someone else. Lock him up!!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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