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Lakers Defeat Celtics In Celeb-Packed Game

Mar 12, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Adam Sandler

When I said anyone who is someone would be at the Lakers-Celtics game today, you knew I was telling the truth.  What a game.  What a list of celebrities.

Mark Wahlberg, Kevin James, Adam Sandler, NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shwayze member Cisco Adler with father Lou Adler, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Cannon, Dustin Hoffman, George Lopez, Michael Clarke Duncan & wife, The Music Icon Prince with Bria Valente, Denzel Washington, and Rap Legend Snoop Dogg.

If you were not lucky to get the hook-up for courtside seats, they were going for $10 grand a seat.  10 grand!

As for the game, the Lakers won and I am happy but remember, trophies are not handed out in December.-Dr.FB


Adam Sandler And Keri Russell Frolic About On The Shore

Mar 12, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Adam Sandler

Here’s Adam Sandler with the luminous Keri Russell running around and being silly on the set of their new movie, Bedtime Stories. Felicity can wear a lilac-colored nurse’s uniform and still be tremendous. The movie is about Sandler making up bedtime stories for his niece and nephew and they start coming alive. Please, no. I’ll just set my sawbuck on fire, thanks. No need to even pass me the ticket.

And why are they abusing that bear? I don’t truck with bear abusers on this site, Sandler. I hope he rises up and gnaws off your kneecaps and then goes to Target to buy some new games for his Wii or a bread maker. Those bears. It’s all about video games, and food. Trust me, I live with one.


Adam Sandler and Wife: Adding To The Family

Mar 12, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Adam Sandler

With all of the celebrity baby fever going around Hollywood, it seems Adam Sandler may have caught its latest strain- he recently announced that he is expecting his second child.

Last night, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the “Waterboy” actor reported that he and his wife Jackie have another bun in the oven. They already have a two-year-old named Sadie.

Sandler also said that he’s trying to be a supportive husband through the process (Jackie is 3-and-a-half months along), given the fact that his wife has been suffering with severe morning sickness.

“In the beginning, I would rub her back and go, ‘It’s worth it. We’re going to have another beautiful baby, I love you, thanks for doing this.’”

As far as fatherhood thus far, the “Wedding Singer” stud explained that he’s had his fare share of surprises. “You know what is surprising? That the kid looks through me. The kid… there’s no focus… Every time I think the kid likes me I’m like, ‘Oh, she’s staring at my forehead right now.’”


Adam Sandler with friends

Feb 2, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Joining the hordes of movies set for a Christmas Day release, “Bedtime Stories” premiered in Los Angeles last night (December 18), and stars Adam Sandler and Keri Russell were in the house having a blast.

The “Billy Madison” funnyman and his “Felicity” costar hammed it up for the paparazzi as they made their way inside the El Capitan Theater, joined also by costar Teresa Palmer.

Adam Sandler

Feb 2, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Adam Sandler

Adam SandlerAdam Sandler with a funny food.

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