Who’s one of our all time favorite, multi-faceted actors here at SheKnows? Well, it’s none other than the very talented John Cusack.

On the set for his latest role, Shanghai, the 42-year-old star called this movie a unique project. “In essence, it combines the artistry of independent film with the resources of a commercial movie,” says Cusack.

While it’s being shot in both London and Bangkok, Shanghai has a budget of more than $10 million. In Hollywood terms, that’s peanuts but as it relates to an Asian production it’s quite lofty. In this film to be released next year, Cusack plays an American intelligence official who investigates a friend’s death in 1941 in the months before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He tells the Associated Press, “Any actor in his right mind would want to do this film, would die to do it.”

And if this is anything like his previous work, we will be lining up at the theatres well in advance.
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