It?s rare that two kings from the urban-music world are seen in music video together ? scheduling conflicts and egos usually keep them apart. But a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta, R. Kelly and Usher pulled it off by filming a clip for their duet ?Same Girl?.
?There was no ego when they got together?, said Lil? X, the video?s director. ?They were playing basketball on lunch breaks, it was all good. No egos. No gangs. It?s all straight, it?s all good. Just the chemistry and good vibes. You?ll feel it off the screen.?
The song is the second single from Kelly?s recently released ?Double Up?. In it, the two find out that they?ve both been messing with a cutie from Usher?s Atlanta hometown.
?It?s been a while since we had the resources to do it big, with the music industry how it is … but fans can look forward to the song really coming to life with a little extra something?, Lil? X said. ?We didn?t go too dancey in this. We do definitely get a nice performance part in this, but for the most part it?s really the story. A little movie and I give people a little moment.?
X, who?s still editing the video in L.A., would not give away the ending, but it;s safe to say we won?t get a soundless black screen and then closing credits.
And if you?re wondering who could pull both Kells and Usher, the woman in the video isn?t actually a known actress ? she was picked from the regular casting.
?Just like the lyrics, ?Coca-Cola red bone? from the ATL?, X, said describing what she looks like. ?We put the word out, it?s so many people representing girls with all the magazines and agents, and it?s not like back in the day when we had to find our own models. Now people send us pics. There?s people out there hunting.?r-kelly