Daniel CraigDaniel Craig says being famous is a “pain in the a*s.” The “Defiance” actor – whose celebrity status skyrocketed when he took on the role of James Bond – admits he struggles to cope when he gets spotted by fans in the street and sometimes wishes he could have a normal life.He said: “I’m in denial about it but it has changed everything for me. Life just got flipped on its head.”

“All of a sudden everybody recognized me. I can’t go out without being recognized. Simply put, it’s a pain in the a*s.”

The 40-year-old star also claims he never became an actor to be famous and has had to change his life drastically to deal with it.

He added to Britain’s the Sunday Times Culture magazine: “People say, ‘You’re an actor, isn’t that what you do?'”

“But I don’t do it to be recognized. I do it because I get a kick out of doing it.”

“I’m not moaning, but I have had to reassess the way I look at the world and the way I live my life.”