Lokatie-lohmannhmann is the youngest of three children; she has a brother and a sister. Her father, Dan, is a successful accountant, and her mother, Sharon, is the head of payroll for Citibank.citation needed They were divorced in 1992.

Lohmann discovered early on that she loved performing on stage. Her first performance was singing a song from the Walt Disney classic The Little Mermaid, at the age of eight, and she received a standing ovation. In 1989 a casting call took place for the new Disney Mickey Mouse show MMC. Although she had never worked on a TV show, Lohmann felt that this would be the perfect opportunity and was told she was exactly what they were looking for. However, her mother felt she was too young and the show would interfere with her education. Lohmann decided to take her mother’s advice and wait until she was finished with school before pursuing her career.

Ten years later in 2000, Lohmann graduated from high school and relocated to Los Angeles. She had already been modeling prior to moving to Los Angeles, and within a short time had been on the cover of numerous magazines all over the world.