Colin Farrell

Continuing work on their new movie, Colin Farrell and Anna Friel filmed scenes for “London Boulevard” in London on Tuesday night (July 21).

Wearing a snazzy suit, the 33-year-old Irish actor and his 33-year-old English co-star chatted outside a local restaurant before rushing off to catch a cab during the night’s shoot.

And though she has to get all dressed up for her roles, Miss Friel recently admitted that she’s a value shopper, telling: “Usually you’ll see me in a dress or skirt. I love to feel feminine and you’re more likely to find me in a vintage shop or high-street one, as opposed to Gucci or Prada.”

Talking to Look magazine, Miss Friel also revealed that she’s no fan of working out, although she does exercise to keep her figure.

“I’m not a big gym fan to be honest. I do the rowing machine, walking and a bit of Pilates. On the set of ‘Land of the Lost’, Will Ferrell had a big gym workout truck on set and I had a Power Plate set up there. Without sounding rude, it’s actually a very big vibrator! But it’s like doing about 100 squats and it’s really good for your legs – and you don’t sweat,” Friel tells.