louise-redknappIf you’re planning on getting preggers, this might put you off. Louise Redknapp has revealed that her second pregnancy was no walk in the park. “I had a tough time all the way through, to be honest, because I felt so sick,” she told Hello! “But by the end I was so big and uncomfortable and I could feel the baby’s feet in my ribs – it felt like there was just no room in there. “I have to say, I was the whingiest, moaniest pregnant woman ever and I reckon anyone who was my friend during those nine months deserves a medal because when I look back now, I was really awful.” But it was all worth it when Louise and Jamie’s second son, Beau, popped out on the 10th November this year. “Touch wood, so far Beau has been a really easy baby,” Louise added. “He sleeps and feeds pretty well and he seems really calm and contented. We’ve been so lucky.” And now onto the all-important chat about getting her body back. “Because I had a Caesarean I haven’t been able to exercise. And as much as I have moaned about that, deep down I have loved having such a good excuse. “I’ve been watching what I eat – nothing radical, just being careful. I’ve got another 11lb to lose to get back to what I was before. “For some people, getting their body back is the most important thing and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want that, but not in six weeks. Realistically, I think it will take about three months.” Does anyone else just love this woman?