princess-beatriceThis is the photo of the flasher who failed to seduce Peaches Geldof after he showed off his naked body.  Peaches looked but she was unimpressed and left him rejected.

Princess Beatrice’s naked boobs come after the line break.
Princess Beatrice showed off too much décolletage as her strapless gown slipped to reveal her naked boobs. She may be sliding down into the regrettable path of expired fame if her Prince thinks in the same way as Zac Efron. When naked photos or semi-naked photos make their way around the internet, the jealous men are put off.

Lily Allen wore Chanel’s haute couture in a black evening dress, but soon degraded to unladylike behavior. The only untypical behavior she restrained herself from was a practiced ban from assaulting photographers. London’s fuzz had earlier warned her against exerting her infamous violence upon the press.

Lily Allen was being her usual loud mouthed self and revealed her preference for Jagermeister, a German bitter liquer. She openly drank from its bottle, like a Red Bull tonic, as she slowly sank under the influence of heavy drink at the Fashion Rocks’ afterparty, held at Baglioni hotel, Kensington.”