Ashlee Simpson married Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz in a sunset ceremony in Encino, California last Saturday, but the twenty-three year old’s Alice In Wonderland-themed wedding almost hit the skids when the singer got into a bitter argument with her notoriously pushy pop, Joe Simpson, just hours before exchanging vows.

According to The National Enquirer, a “dispute” broke out between father and daughter when a spiritually-tolerant Ashlee decided to have a Buddhist priest perform the ceremony rather than Joe, who is a former Baptist minister.

“In the 11th hour, Ashlee clashed with her father over the ceremony…..Joe completely lost it! They were down to the wire. Every last detail was in place and he could not believe his daughter came up with this last-second Buddhist idea after everything was set,” a family friend to the tab.

A defiant Joe refused to host a Buddhist wedding.

“When he would not cave, she actually decided to cancel, she actually decided to cancel,” The Enquirer source claims.

Ultimately it was new hubby Pete Wentz who smoothed things over between a furious Ashlee and a defiant Joe.

“He ran after Ashlee, sat her down and told her ‘I love you, baby. Just trust me. Let your dad win this one. Who cares who says the vows as long as we’re married that’s all that counts.’”

Ashlee relented and the young were married by Joe a few hours later. Joined more than 150 guests, Pete and Ashlee enjoyed their Wonderland wedding reception, accented with a “Tophat” wedding cake, decorated with a teapot and pocket watch and a pot of flowers on top.

“It all ended well. Ashlee had her dark fantast wedding, Joe, as usual, got his way and Pete scored some major points with his new father-in-law,” the tabby spy saysjoe-simpson