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Pamela Anderson

She’s a big fan of adventure, and yesterday afternoon (July 14) Pamela Anderson was spotted arriving via helicopter at the Grand Hotel Avala in Budva, Montenegro.

Joined by her boyfriend Jamie Padgett, the former “Baywatch” beauty was escorted inside by a private security team.

And Pammie was looking surprisingly conservative as she passed the paparazzi, sporting a white v-neck top teamed with white shorts.

Earlier today, Miss Anderson was working it for the shutterbugs in the arrivals area of an Atlas Group event in a muted green dress with beige high heels.

Pamela Anderson: Looking a Little Rough

Jun 2, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Pamela Anderson

Out to pick up some groceries, Pamela Anderson was spotted leaving Safeway in Malibu yesterday (June 1) looking a bit disheveled.

EXCLUSIVE: Pamela Anderson Shopping For Groceries (USA AND OZ ONLY)

The former “Baywatch” beauty was sporting a stained dress as she made her way to her car with bags under her eyes, scabs on her shoulder, and a makeup-less complexion.

Over the weekend, Miss Anderson got in some quality time with her boyfriend Jamie Padgett on a romantic lunch date in Malibu.

Pammie looked much better as she strolled with her man down the street, chatting and smiling as they walked.

Pam Anderson: Spare Some Change?

Mar 20, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Pamela Anderson


The homeless situation in Malibu has really gotten out of control.

Pam Anderson Explains Sex Tape To Sons

Feb 18, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson made an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently, and told how she finally had to explain the sex tape she made with ex-husband, Tommy Lee, to her two sons. But now, Pamela, 41, may have another new sex video to explain!
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape from their honeymoon was one of the best-selling nasty tapes out there. Personally, Tommy Lee was the most “impressive” on that sex video.
On the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Pam Anderson explained that her sons wanted to watch the movie “Borat”, but Pamela had to explain to them about her and Tommy’s sex video, knowing it was a big feature in “Borat”.
Can you just imagine what Pam’s boys were probably thinking? Possibly thinking…. wow! Our Mom is a total skanky whore perhaps?
Pamela Anderson said her sons wanted to see “Borat” really badly so she tried to explain the sex tape to them. “I explained to them… ‘Mom and daddy run around naked all the time and we taped some things… and someone stole the tape.’
Well at least in that best-selling sex tape, Pamela was having sex with her husband, Tommy Lee. But imagine her explaining this new sex tape with someone she barely knows. Awkward!
A website out of Germany, says that Pamela Anderson made a sex tape while in Europe, in March of this year. Pamela was in Hans Klok’s “magic show”, and was “having fun” or actually sex, with some dude who was in charge of the set building for the performance.
So maybe there will be a new Pamela Anderson sex tape hitting the internet soon! Until then, you can get your “porn fix” at this website here.
Here’s the video of Pamela Anderson (sorry.. not her sex tape) telling Ellen DeGeneres about explaining the sex tape to her boys:

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