howard-k-sternAnna Nicole Smith’s quasi-husband, Howard K. Stern, may soon be homeless if real estate guru G. Ben Thompson decides so. Thompson explained to Access Hollywood. “We know that Howard K. Stern cannot pass [the DNA test] in any way that would suggest he is the father of that particular child,” speaking of Dannielyn Marshall Smith.

Stern has been occupying the Bahamas house ever since Smith’s death.  G. Ben Thompson bought the Horizons house in Smith’s name with the understanding that the former playmate would eventually buy it.  Of course she never did, and the debate was that the mansion was a gift

Now Thompson wants to serve Stern with an eviction notice. “We did this only after we found out that the courts directed that Howard K. Stern and the other parties seeking paternity take a DNA test,” he explained.

“Once that is done, we know that he will no longer have any reason to be in the house because he will not be the child’s father. He is not associated with the child in any way except maybe through the will, which we believe is not necessarily a good will and therefore he will have to leave.”

Just when you thought the events surrounding Anna Nicole Smith couldn’t get any more bizarre, they do.