There’s all levels of crazy when it comes to actors. There’s a little kooky, then there’s the people that get a little too into character, the method actors, and finally the Britney Spears level of actually certifiable. Randy QuaidRandy Quaid, brother of much more famous actor Dennis Quaid, is closer to the Britney Spears end of things. He’s been acting in the Broadway-bound musical “Lone Star Love” based on Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” Quaid’s behavior on and off the set was so massively inappropriate that he’s been banned from the Actors’ Equity Association (the union which represents American stage actors) for life, and fined $81,000. The charges against Quaid were assembled by the entire 26 actor cast, so it seems there’s little debating that he actually did do these bizarre things. The question remains… why? Here’s a rundown of Quaid’s behavior.