hot-girlscelebsMichael Lohan – who begged Lindsay’s fans to “intervene” to save her a life and enter a chemical dependency rehabilitation center last week – will no longer write about his 22-year-old daughter and her sister Ali, 15, but insists his posts were never meant to hurt his family.

Michael wrote: “Well here you have it. My final blog. And for those of you who are doubters or knockers, let me say that I never took a penny for my blog or anything I ever did for any of my children. I did what I did, out of love and concern, regardless of any of your opinions. I did it to help them, advance their careers and give them hope.

“I have to say that when it comes to my innocent children, who are at risk and have nothing to do with the situation at hand, I have to respect their request. (ie ‘I was issued a cease and desist.’)”

Despite his claim he never wanted to upset l Lindsay, Michael then launches into an attack against her lover Samantha Ronson.

He wrote: “Before I go, however, I must say that I received a text message from a very close and dear friend of Lindsay’s who I trust and admire. The text said, ‘Between you and me you are doing the right thing.

“From what I hear, from Lindsay’s nearest and dearest friends, Lindsay is worse off than ever since she has been with Sam. I told Dina that Lindsay needs you back in her life, and I think you know that I was the one who really helped Linds get into rehab.'”

Michael alleges Samantha is only dating Lindsay to boost her bank balance and blames the 31-year-old DJ for ruining Lindsay’s career.

Referring to Lindsay’s 2007 rehab stint, he wrote: “Just look at Samantha’s tax returns before she ‘engaged’ Lindsay, and then after! Look at Lindsay’s career before Samantha and after! Look at all the things Lindsay accomplished and had going for her before Samantha and after.

“I was with Lindsay when she got out of Cirque Lodge. I saw and experienced the ‘old Lindsay’ with so much hope and promise. I had full confidence in her. Then back came Samantha! Can’t you all see this?

“Am I speaking to stone walls? All I ask that you put yourselves in my shoes and HONESTLY consider what you would do.