patricia-arquetteActress Patricia Arquette made her latest season of hit TV show Medium a family affair – she cast her own son in a role after failing to find a suitable actor for the part.

Arquette recently helmed her first episode of the supernatural crime drama, and, after struggling to find a teen to fit the character’s description, she turned to her child Enzo for help.

She says, “We were casting very quickly and we were shooting while we were casting, and the character is 40 years old and we needed him when he was like 16 or 18 years old. At that point your face is very formed so when we put them next to the father, they looked too big, or they didn’t look like the man we’d cast (as the dad), so I called my son the night before and said, ‘You have to do this’. He’s 20 but he looks pretty young.”

And Arquette made sure young Enzo, who had never acted before, was fully prepared for the part. She adds, “He’s not an actor. I went through his lines with him every night. He’s going to art school; it’s not a priority for him.”