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Prince Harry Pays a Visit to Ground Zero

May 29, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Prince Harry


Continuing along on his visit to the States, Prince Harry visited Ground Zero before walking to Ladder 10 Firehouse in New York City on Friday (May 29).

The fire company, which is located directly across from the 9/11 site, lost six fireman in the tragedy – with Harry going to meet the brave firefighters still working the locale.

As Harry walked to the station to meet the men, they presented him with a fireman’s t-shirt that read ‘Ladder 10’ before also giving him a fireman’s hat.

Noticing the Prince’s presence, nearby construction workers also took a break from their work duties to snap photos of Harry, who was accompanied by an aid.

Prince Harry Plays Dress-Up To Win Chelsy Davy Back

Mar 25, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Prince Harry

We always knew Prince Harry had wild streak, but recently he’s been spotted looking a touch on ze kinky side, and we think we know why.
According to the Daily Mail Harry has been hanging at "raves for posh people" in London (raves for posh people?) in order to woo his ex Chelsy Davy back.Prince Harry and Chelsy called it quits in January when Harry embarked on his helicopter pilot training (which, of course, involved him getting naked).  Last week he was spotted out and about with pink nail polish, and last weekend he chilled with someone named "Bubble" and wore a long, black wig.
A source said: ‘It’s a bit of an "anything goes" sort of place – but the fact that people kept on going up to Chelsy to ask about Harry with him standing right next to her was absolutely hilarious."
Well maybe all this cross-dressing and exposure to alternate (posh) lifestyles will learn him to  keep that mouf shut.


Prince Harry

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