an Oscar nominee, but that doesn’t mean he’s embracing the experience as enthusiastically as, say, a vigorous man-on-man hotel room wrestling match.

I hear that Cohen—conominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for his blockbuster comedy—has turned down an invite to present during the awards show.

His rep isn’t commenting, but I hear Cohen isn’t comfortable appearing before such a large group out of character.

Perhaps the Academy should have invited Borat instead?

Cohen may be limiting his appearance to sitting in the audience (unless he wins—then he’ll have to go on stage), but two other funny men, Will Ferrell and Jack Black, have agreed to perform on the big night, a source tells me.

While Black and Ferrell’s rep says, “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard,” a source tells me the two are set to sing an original—and very funny—tune. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I promise if it does happen, you will love it.

Perhaps Cohen—I mean, Borat—should join them on stage for the song and dance.