Bill Clinton is known throughout the world for his U.S. Precidenci as well as his loose morals. As his wife, Hilary Clinton vies for the Presidency it seems the bad boy is back to his old tricks.

A new article in Vanity Fair rhillary-clintoneports on Bill Clinton’s latest antics as well as unsurprising philandering. An excerpt from the article reads, “Over the last few years, aides have winced at repeated tabloid reports about Clinton’s episodic friendship and occasional dinners out with Belinda Stronach, a twice-divorced billionaire auto-parts heiress and member of the Canadian Parliament 20 years his junior, or at more recent high-end Hollywood dinner-party gossip that Clintomhas been seen visiting with the actress Gina Gershon in California.”

“There has been talk of a female friend in Chappaqua, a woman in a bar at a meeting of the Aspen Institute, and a public sighting of Clinton … and a ravishing entourage in a New York elevator that, a former Clinton aide told me, led a business leader who saw them to say: I don’t know what the guy was doing, but it was so clear that it was just no good.”