david-lettermanGwyneth Paltrow on Late Show David Letterman Gwyneth Paltrow made a guest appearance on David Letterman and she explained to him, how and where she fractured her knee. Gwyneth unknowingly(maybe) rubs on Letterman knee trying to point out the fractured part. “Well, I broke my knee, because I’m a moron and I always bash into things by accident. It’s true. I’ve broken my toes like 30 times. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Say there’s a coffee table that’s been there for 8 years and I know exactly where it is. One day I’ll kinda not know it’s there and break my toe.” In addition to that the 35-year-old actress also told Letterman about how she feels about her superhero flick, Iron Man. “I [am] so happy people are loving it. [People] are getting so excited about it, but the truth is that the experience was so wonderful, and such a happy, happy time. That’s really why I’m so happy that I did it. The idea that there could be another one, and we could get our little family back together — it would be great.”