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John Mayer’s Glamorous Date

Aug 10, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: John Mayer

John Mayer1

The douche duo of the West, John Mayer and Rob Dyrdek, left MyHouse in L.A. last night wearing matching monogrammed velvet smoking jackets and with two pumas (that one was for you, Aniston) on their arms. John said that the ladies weren’t their mothers, but their dates. Let’s all do the eyeball wave! Roll to the left!

Whatever the case may be, John’s lady friend is giving me Lynda Carter fever and has confirmed to us all that dressing like a Dynasty character going to a funeral is always a good idea. When all else fails, ask yourself, "What would Alexis Carrington wear to Krystle’s future funeral?"

Before getting into the car, John’s date either tripped on her own glamour or was overwhelmed by the piping hot douche fumes in the air, because she went down! Ugh. I hope home cougar is getting PAID.

Word on the Daily Dish Circuit claims Jennifer Aniston is interested in rekindling her twice failed romance with crooner John Mayer.

Jennifer Aniston6

She people just never learn..
Heat Magazine is reporting that the actress, who is currently filming the romantic comedy The Baster in New York City, has been telling pals that after a bit of nightly drunk dialing, she’s back in contact with her ex and the former couple are considering a reconciliation.

“[He] wasn’t calling her or texting her. But, as she got lonelier and the shoot wore on, she started reaching out to him, sometimes very late at night and sometimes after a few too many glasses of wine,” a friend, who asked not to be identified, tattled this week.

Of course, not all of Jen’s friends are eager for her to return to the “Clarity” hitmaker. Bestie Courteney Cox is said to be particularly unhappy over Jen’s unwillingness to give up on John.

“Courteney is the biggest objector to a John reunion,” according to the Heat insider. “They never got along and Courteney is someone who has always told Jennifer she’s just too good for John.”

“Jennifer’s friends do not like John Mayer. But Jen, as always, acts from the heart, and if she loses a couple of friends in the course of getting back together with John, then so be it.”

John Mayer: Back in the Dating Pool?

Apr 23, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: John Mayer

Enjoying a relaxing evening out,  John Mayer was spotted leaving the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles, California last night (April 22).

John Mayer

The “Waiting on the World to Change” singer looked a bit dodgy as he passed the paparazzi, sporting a black jacket/black v-neck/ khakis combo.

As for his post-Jennifer Aniston love life, it seems Mr. Mayer has already moved on- a source told press he’s now dating 24-year-old model and aspiring actress Scheana Marie Jancan.

An insider dished that the two met at a Beverly Hills Party where Jancan was waitressing.  “Scheana was shocked and thrilled when John asked her out. She has always thought he was hot, and she said yes right away, writing down her cell phone number on a napkin. They flirted the whole time, and he told her she was cute.”

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Split Up

Mar 13, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have broken up again! Aniston and Mayer were seen together at the Oscars posing for photos, looking very much a couple. But their reps confirm they have ended their relationship again. Read more below.

The couple looked great together at the Academy Awards while posing arm-in-arm for photos. There have been rumors of marriage even, but Jennifer went to Europe promoting her latest movie Marley & Me and John Mayer stayed in Los Angeles.

Days after Jennifer Aniston returned, they broke up!

“They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other,” says one source. “Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.”

Another source has said John Mayer broke up with Aniston after she returned from Europe.

Guess we’ll find out soon who actually broke up their relationship. Who do you guys think called things off?


John Mayer Dishes On His Break Up With Jennifer Aniston

Feb 10, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: John Mayer

John Mayer spilled his guts to OK Magazine, regarding his recent break-up with Jennifer Aniston.nnifer Aniston.

ohn Mayer talked to OK Magazine about his break up with Jennifer Aniston. Normally not a person to share details, John Mayer was surprisingly open about the split.

When asked about their break-up, John acted like it was no big deal.

“It’s the most normal thing in the world,” John says. “There’s no lying there’s no cheating. There’s no nothing.”

Although the couple are no longer together, John Mayer had only nice things to say about Jennifer Aniston.

“Jennifer Aniston is the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I’ve ever met,” he explained. “She’s one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Well, if Jennifer is so great, then why did they split?

“People have different chemistry, they have different lives,” says John. “It’s not about years, it’s about going out with somebody, being truthful on the way in, being truthful in the middle and being truthful on the way out. You’re either a cheater or you break up and I’m not the first, I’m the second. And that’s it. There’s no lying, there’s no bullsh**.”

So we get it, they are no longer dating. But who dumped who?

“I ended a relationship because there was no lying,” he explained to OK!. “I ended a relationship to be alone because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right. I don’t waste people’s time. I don’t do the taper. I guarantee you there’s 20 percent of the people on the street right now who are in a relationship they wish they could get out of but they don’t know how. And I’m going to be honest on the way in to my relationships and I’m going to be honest on the way out of my relationships.”

You notice twice he mentions lying, so is Jennifer sophisticated and great but a lying dog?

The interviewer with OK Magazine then told John Mayer that sources say Jennifer Aniston has moved on and is dating a new guy.

And John Mayer’s reply? John Mayer shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t care”.

So Jennifer Aniston dumped again? Hopefully she’ll find the right guy out there for her soon!john-mayer

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