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Kate Concerned About Her Kids

Oct 20, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin6

With all the drama that surrounds them, it’s no wonder the Gosselin kids have been acting out.

With dad, Jon, facing contempt charges for taking money from a joint account and mom, Kate, losing the reality show that’s been paying the bills, among other things, the kids are starting to feel the effects of all the stress.

Kate recently told Vanity Fair that she is hopeful that it’s a phase that will pass as the kids adjust to their life with divorced parents.

She says, “I’m trying to give them the grace to see, if they’re acting out of line, I’m trying to look deeper into why that is,” she says in the article. “Why the kids are acting out. Cause it’s all inter-related. I mean, they don’t see it, but it’s all interconnected.”

Kate Gosselin Was All Dressed up

Sep 9, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin5

Venturing out in style, Kate Gosselin was all dressed up while leaving her place with bodyguard Steve Neild and his wife on Tuesday evening (September 8).

According to a paparazzo source on the scene, the Neild’s arrived at Kate’s house in casual attire before changing into fancy attire and heading out to their awaiting limo.

The onlooker adds: “While walking to the limo, Steve motioned to the driver by putting his finger up to his mouth, implying to keep quiet about where they were going, as it was meant to be a secret.”

In related news, recent reports tell that miss Gosselin has been offered $400,000 offer from Hugh Hefner to strip down for Playboy.

Said to have declined the offer, a source tells, “Hugh sent her a letter, but Kate was totally mortified and threw it away! She didn’t think it was appropriate because of the children.”

Kate Gosselin Was Picking Up Her Kids

Aug 29, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin4

Following her sextuplets’ first day of school,Kate Gosselin was spotted picking up her kids and taking them home in Reading, Pennsylvania today (August 28).

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” mother looked focused as she managed all of the kids’ backpacks and made sure she had everything in order.

In related news, Kate’s ex-husband Jon recently told press that he did everything he could to try and save their marriage, and that he’ll always love the mother of his children.

“I worked on my marriage.  I went to therapy. I have huge bills so [detractors] can’t denounce that … For [Kate] to say she’d been working on it – well, I’d been working on it too, and at one point in time I just gave up. There’s a point in time where you just say, ‘This is not going to work.’ So I just moved on.”

He continued, “I’ll always love Kate. I went through a whole bunch of pictures today, and it’s sad to see something that was good turn bad but we moved in two different directions. We know that.  I have no ill will toward Kate. She’s the mother of my kids. She’s a great mom. She does a lot for them.”

Kate Gosselin2

Her life has been especially circus-like as of late, and this morning (August 17) Kate Gosselin attempted to quiet things down on the homefront.

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” mommy was spotted arriving back at her $1.1 million Reading, Pennsylvania home this morning after running errands.

Kate looked to be talking on her mobile phone as she got out of her car, and a few minutes later the police pulled up to the residence.

The Sergeant told the mob of fans and photographers, “Kate just phoned and doesn’t want you guys camping out at her house anymore.” Could this be the beginning of a less-public life for the Gosselins?

Kate Gosselin Was Spotted With Her Daughter In Reading

Aug 17, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin1

Tending to her motherly duties, Kate Gosselin was spotted leaving her house with her daughter in Reading, Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon (August 16).

Decked out in a summery white dress, the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” mom appeared to be focused on her parental duties – keeping her head down as she strolled past paparazzi on the scene.

Late last week, Miss Gosselin ventured to NYC for a little press tour, stopping by “Live with Regis and Kelly” – where she was asked whether a reunion with ex-hubby Jon was a possibility.

Unwilling to answer the question, Kate quickly replied, “I can’t and won’t answer that. I keep certain things private, and that’s one.”

Kate Gosselin

All dolled up in summertime pinks, Kate Gosselin took the girls to the doctor’s office in Reading, Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon (July 21).

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” mom looked in a cheerful mood, back in the groove of life as a single mother following a weekend trip to New York City.

The outing follows the release of a brand new interview with Jon Gosselin’s new lady, Hailey Glassman, in which she takes a shot at Kate.

Asked why Jon moved on from Kate to her, Glassman said, “I’m a huge believer in not controlling someone. I’ll give (Jon) my opinion but tell him to do what he wants to do. He said, ‘I’m just not used to having an option.’ I told him life is about options.”

Jon & Kate Gosselin Announce Divorce

Jun 23, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Jon released a statement of his own, in it says: “This afternoon, Kate filed for divorce. Our kids are still my number one priority. I love them and want to make sure they stay happy, healthy and safe. My job is being the best, most supportive and loving father that I can be to my kids, and not being married to Kate doesn’t change that.”

“This will be a difficult transition for all of us,” Jon’s statement continued, “but Kate and I will work out a schedule that enables our kids to have plenty of quality time with both of us at home in Pennsylvania. In terms of my marriage, it’s no secret that the past six months or so have been very difficult for Kate and me. We are no different than other couples and parents who are facing a crossroads in their marriage. I am of course deeply saddened that we are divorcing.”

Jon, who admitted that he “wasn’t always the greatest communicator,” added, “I’m excited and hurt at the same time because I have a new chapter in my life — I’m only 32 years old.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin, of the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, publicly announced on Monday night’s hour-long special that they are divorcing after eight kids — five-year-old sextuplets and eight-year-old twin girls — and ten years of marriage. An onscreen graphic at the end of tonight’s show disclosed that legal proceedings to dissolve the Gosselins’ marriage have begun in a Pennsylvania court.

“Over the course of this weekend, Jon’s activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children,” Kate said in a statement Monday night. “While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.”


Kate Gosselin: 10th Anniversary Preparations

Jun 12, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin



Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited this past week at their Pennsylvania residence after spending a whole two weeks apart as Kate vacationed with the kids in North Carolina.

And today marks the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, with Kate being spotted out helping put up a bouncy castle outside of the couple’s Reading home earlier in the day.

Kate Gosselin Gets A Boost

Jun 10, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin


Keeping up with her massive family has got to be tiring, but Kate Gosselin knows just the thing to help keep her going throughout the day – Starbucks!

Joined by two of her brood, the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” matriarch was spotted picking up a pick-me-up at her local coffeehouse earlier today (June 10).

Jon and Kate Gosselin: Doing Their Own Thing

Jun 9, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin6

It continues to look like the Gosselin family is on the decline as today (June 9) Jon and Kate were spotted spending the day apart.

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” stars both looked downtrodden as they went about their separate agendas out and about in Reading Pennsylvania.

Kate took two of her brood on an errand-running marathon while Jon picked up a snack at a local gas station as the paparazzi fired away.

And on tonight’s episode of the hit reality show, Jon and Kate get to cook with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.  Though they seem to get along most of the time, at one point Kate slaps Emeril on the hand with a spatula with a ‘Bam!’

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