Kicking off the new week with a stroll around New York City,  Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted showing off her new hairdo this morning (February 9).SPL78886_001

The “Sex and the City” starlet looked cozy and bundled up as she strolled past the paparazzi, meanwhile her son James Wilkie was being tended to by a nanny across townIn a recent interview, SJP revealed that though she’s in an industry where youthful looks are as good as gold, she’s not sweating the fact that she’s a ripe old 43.  She told press, “It’s a real crucible because you feel daunted by your peers who somehow get younger and younger. People older than me have fewer lines than I do. And no, you’re not supposed to talk about it – you’re supposed to admire the fact that they look 22 even though they’re 58.”  Parker also marveled at the actresses who are just now getting started in this day and age.  “I can’t imagine being 22 today and being thrust into public life. I wouldn’t have ended up off the rails, but I wouldn’t have been able to handle it the way that I’m able to today.