Stacy DiJulius Extra-marital affair sometimes kills, take Ohio lovers Stacy DiJulius and Erich Schultz’s dating as example! Stacy DiJulius, 39, of Aurora, was a co-owner of John Robert’s Hair Salon & Spa, a chain with four locations that employs 150 people. Stacy married to husband John DiJulius, a successful author, speaker and entrepreneur who was involved in numerous business ventures, according to BitteandBound. But being in such a wealth family, Ms. Stacy Dijulius, an acclaimed hair stylist, might not keep herself be loyal to her husband John. She (secretly) dated Erich Schultz, 38, of Glenwillow, who was also married. In what now was believed as their last date on Saturday (March 21), the pair went to drink at Panini’s Bar & Grill on Route 82 in Sagamore Hills, Ohio at 7:20 p.m. Don’t know why, not long after they entered the bar, Stacy DiJulius and Erich Schultz began quarelling for the reasons that probably would never known to many because that altercation resulted in the demise of both of them. Originally it was thought there was an apparent murder and suicide case, but it turned out not. From Cleveland Metro’s Spa co-owner Stacy DiJulius run over, killed outside Summit County bar:

Stacy DiJulius, 39, was run over and killed outside a Panini’s Bar & Grill about 8:10 p.m. Saturday.

Minutes later, the man who ran over her, Erich Schultz, 38, of Glenwillow, shot himself in the head. He was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. The hospital would not provide information on his condition at 3:05 p.m. today.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Cottle said witnesses saw DiJulius and Schultz argue after both had been drinking. They are married to other people, but were dating, Cottle said.

They walked out of the bar. Schultz tried to leave alone in his Jeep. DiJulius kept trying to get into the moving Jeep and fell. Schultz accidently ran her over, Cottle said.

As paramedics were arriving to tend to DiJulius, Schultz, seeing her severe injuries, walked back to his Jeep, pulled out a small handgun and shot himself in the head, Cottle said.

Sheriff’s investigators were first told that Schultz struck DiJulius then shot her. She was not shot, further investigation revealed.

“It appears that it was an accident and he felt so bad about it, he shot himself,” Cottle said.

Infidelity kills, be loyal to your spouse and you are to have a happy family! Or else, you and your lover probably would be next Stacy DiJulius and Erich Schultz! Anyways, we mourn the loss of these of two and offered condolences to their families, after all they shouldn’t have ended in such a tragedy.