Olga Kurylenko has been selected to play Camille in the latest James Bond film. It would be the 22nd Bond movie. Her mother, Mrs. Alyabusheva, 50, said that Olga was only 13 when she was talent spotted by a talent scout at a metro train in Moscow.

Olga was trained in Moscow but entered Paris when she was 17 to start her international modeling career. When Olga turned 20, she married Cedric van Mol, 29 and obtained a French passport that allowed her freedom to travel. It was then that her acting career took flight. Olga and Cedric divorced after 2 years of marriage. Olga has re-married, to Damian Gabrielle, a cell phone accessory entrepreneur. Mrs. Maria Alyabusheva said that she was extremely proud of her daughter’s career achievements.