It looks like the pageant world is going to be buzzing today. Miss Washington 2007 and this year’s second runner up in the Miss America pageant, Elyse Umeelyse-umemotomoto, is the most recent title holder to have nasty pictures surface. One thing Elyse forgot to do was take off her crown. Oops!

So much for saying it happened a long time ago…really I was young and dumb and didn’t know any better. Some might say the incident is sufficient motivation to strip the beauty queen of her crown, but it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen. Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller had this to say to

“While these photos would not cause Elyse to lose her crown, we will be discussing the matter with her and using this as a learning experience.
Thank goodness this will be a learning experience for all young and upcoming queens and princesses: Do not get caught with your crown on when doing foolish things that can be captured on camera for posterity.

We may have heard the end of this one – and then again, maybe the good people of Washington state will have more to say on the subject. These things have a way of creating a firestorm. This one could get interesting.