She is regularly voted one of the hottest women in the world and now Access Rising Star Sarah Shahi is bringing that fire to television as “Life’s” sexy detective Dani Rees.

The gorgeous gal plays a complicated policewoman, one whose personal troubles spill over into her professional life. As a result, Rees gets partnered with the most unpopular guy on the force – Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis).

As the premise of the show goes — Crews was falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. After winning his release, a handsome legal settlement, and his job back, the show follows Crews as he is reinstated as a detective and sent into the field. As he investigates and solves crimes, he does it alongside the smoking-hot Rees.

Shahi’s character, Rees, has plenty of troubles of her own. In the first few episodes, viewers learn Rees got stuck with Crews because of a previous drug problem that sent her to rehab. Her character might also be a sex addict too.

Real life is much more sweet for Shahi. The Texas native, who is of Persian and Spanish decent, grew up a beauty queen. She’s also a former cheerleader, who twirled her pom poms for the Dallas Cowboys.

As far as her acting pedigree goes, Shahi has been featured in a host of primetime hits. She made guest appearances on the Jennifer Garner fronted “Alias,” “The L Word” and CW favorite “Supernatural.”

Fans will definitely remember her for her very sexy scenes with Tony Soprano in the final season of the popular HBO show “The Sopranos” too. Shahi played the lovely Vegas-vixen who Tony shared a lost, peyote-inspired weekend with, following his nephew Christopher’s “untimely” death.sarah-shahi