I Actually Feel Badly for Brit because she’s obviously got absolutely no fashion sense, or else she sees herself as a jaded porn star in her fake reality, called life. Here she is wearing basically nothing… a see-through halter top sans the mid-drift. OK, all joking aside. I feel badly for her. Sure, she just bought a new black Mercedes Benz, and has the world’s attention, but is she happy? I mean either she’s incredibly smart (has the paparazzi wrapped around her pinky), or she’s incredibly dumb. And, I’d have to say that I’m definitely leaning, no jumping towards the 2nd possibility. The mini breakdown and crying session from last night’s fight with Sam has got to be a hint of more drama to come. But, could it get any worse? YAH… I think it’s just the beginning. Honey, dump your “sincere” manager, Sam Lufti, and bounce!So, here’s Eva Mendes on French TV doing some sort of interview or game show. But, that’s not all. Half way through the video there’s this question: “I’m considering buying a fur for my wife, but if you take your top off…” and Eva becomes all smug and adds in a political slant about look into where you get your fur, then I might take my top off. Well, Eva, don’t bother… we can all see your boobs anyways. Sometimes it’s painful how stupid and conceited some celebs can be. But, having your pic up with a nip slip and a stupid look on your face… that makes it all worth it. Lets hope this helps to deflate her ego a little bit.nipple-slip