Most of us would associate the term cradle-snatcher with an over-the hill-playboy having a crack at a twenty-something lass.

But Roxanne Pallet reckons she’s fallen victim to that very title.

The Dancing On Ice star says she’s sick of hearing that she only goes for toy boys.

“I’ve had four relationships and one happened to be with a younger guy,” she told Fabulous mag. “That doesn’t mean I only like toy boys.”

The former Emmerdale actress is referring to her controversial romance with ex-Coronation Street actor Richard Fleeshman, who was only 16 when he first started dating 26-year-old Roxy three years ago.

After the relationship, Roxy says she was then targeted by the press, especially when she was spotted out and about last year with her then 18-year-old Emmerdale co-star James Baxter.

“That was so upsetting for both of us,” she said. “I think there was a photo of us going for a burger together in our lunch break. I only have to say ‘Hi’ to a guy and I get linked to him.”

Regardless of the tattle, Roxy says she’s happy being single and only has eyes for one man as she glides through the DOI series with skating partner, Daniel Whiston.roxanne-pallet

“We just clicked,” she said. “He’s like my new hubby, my boyfriend on ice. I trust him more than I’ve trusted any other guy in my life. I told him that and he nearly cried. I don’t trust a lot of people.”