Joining the hordes of movies set for a Christmas Day release, “Bedtime Stories” premiered in Los Angeles last night (December 18), and stars Adam Sandler and Keri Russell were in the house having a blast.

The “Billy Madison” funnyman and his “Felicity” costar hammed it up for the paparazzi as they made their way inside the El Capitan Theater, joined also by costar Teresa Palmer.

Also in attendance was Courteney Cox, who, like her “Friends” pal Jennifer Aniston, just seems to keep getting hotter with Actors Keri Russell, Adam Sandler, Teresa Palmer, and Courteneyage.  She looked amazing in a navy blue and black dress with black stockings and black strappy heels.

“Bedtime Stories” is a family comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.