Shyamali Malakar couldn’t have unleashed this latest Hooters pic at a better time — while little bro Sanjaya rallies on another week in the American Idol competition, the publicity generated from this photograph could be enough to get Sanjaya voted into the top three! We showed you the first booby-licious photo a few weeks back depicting Shyamali with a huge grin in her skimpy work uniform.

While I’m not sure which one looks better, I am thankful for the anonymous source that e-mailed this EXCLUSIVE picture to us here at NinjaDude…and since I’m only here to post this shit for you, the fun only gets passed along. Now the whole family can share in the joy experienced by staring at Ms. Malakar’s breasts! I heard she still works at Hooters, so if you’re lucky and stop by for some wings, get your picture taken with this chick! She’s the Bollywood Lohan.shyamali-malakar