steven-spielbergEW magazine has compiled a list of the top 50 smartest people in Hollywood’s entertainment business. The abridged list of the top 10 is pasted below.

1. Judd Apatow, director/writer/producer
2. Steven Spielberg, director/producer
3. James Cameron, director/producer
4. Ari Emanuel, partner of the Endeavor Agency
5. Will Smith, actor/producer
6. Meryl Streep, actress
7. Peter Rice, president of Fox Searchlight
8. Tyler Perry, actor/director/writer/producer
9. David Heyman, producer
10. John Knoll, visual-effects supervisor of Industrial Light & Magic

There were criteria in choosing the candidates for this list. The persons had to be smart at the present moment. This also meant that they had to be leaders in their field. This list only suggested names in the movie industry. It aimed to cover a broad spectrum of professions in the movie field. The level of smartness was judged by their achievements. Those who went beyond expectations were placed high on the list.

People who benefitted others in their line of work were placed higher on the list than the loners. EW claimed that they did 3 months of research, live interviews and consideration before finalizing this list. To read the entire list of the Top 50 Smartest People in Hollywood, please visit the source.