Jewel and Ty Murray married in the Bahamas ! Jewel and Ty Murray have dated for quite some time now and have finally “tied the knot”Jewel and her long-time boyfriend, Ty Murray, were just married, Perez Hilton said.weownthenight 3 091007

Jewel, a singer, and Ty Murray, a former bull-rider and rodeo cowboy, dated for 10 years! So it was definitely time for the couple to “officially” commit!

Ty Murray and Jewel’s wedding was said to be intimate and beautiful.

“They got married Thursday on the beach in the Bahamas,” an insider reveals exclusively Perez Hilton. “Jewel is thrilled! It was so romantic. She looked beautiful! Her dress is gorgeous. The ring is gorgeous. They can’t be happier!”

“Ty’s been so supportive and steady,” she told Redbook in 2006. “I always say he’s a stand-up guy in a world of flakes.

“He’s very direct, very straightforward,” she added. “You never have to guess with him. And that reliability is really comforting. Especially for somebody as capricious as myself.”

The two share a 2,200-acre central Texas ranch with their shitzu George.

Born in Utah and raised on a ranch in Homer, Alaska, Jewel has said living on Murray’s ranch “is comforting because I’m able to do the things I was raised with, like riding horses and doing branding.”

The 38-year-old Murray — who recently hosted Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull-Riding Challenge on CMT — also appears in her video for her new country single “I Do.”

How exciting! Congrats to Jewel and Ty Murray on their marriage!