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Jamie Waylett

‘Harry Potter’ star Jamie Waylett has been charged with growing Marijuana. The 19-year-old actor – who plays Hogwarts bully Vincent Crabbe in the hit wizard films – has been accused of growing 10 plants in his mother’s house in North London.

Jamie, who will appear in court later this month, was arrested last April after police stopped his car in Central London and allegedly found eight bags of the Class B drug.

He was then taken to a nearby police station, where he was questioned by officers while his mother’s home was raided, where police allegedly seized 10 marijuana plants, which were growing alongside Jamie’s DJ equipment and a games console.

A police spokesman said: “Jamie Waylett is due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court later this month. He is charged with producing a Class B drug, namely 10 plants of cannabis.”

If found guilty, Jamie could face up to 14 years in prison.

Nic’s Man Grilled

Feb 18, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Nicole Scherzinger

There’s no scarier prospect for a man than his partner’s friends.

Especially when they’re a scantily clad gang of outspoken sexpots.

But the Pussycat Dolls didn’t show any mercy when they first met Nicole Scherzinger’s fella.

The girlies – Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton and Kimberly Wyatt – have revealed that they were immediately suspicious when they heard their band mate Nic had hooked up with racing pro Lewis Hamilton.

“When we found out Lewis was a racing driver we were like: ‘Hold on a minute, he better not be a playboy,'” Melody told the Daily Mirror.

“So we asked him all sorts. What were his intentions, if he was a nice guy, did he know how to treat her right, did he bring her flowers and pull out chairs on dates?

nicole-scherzinger“We didn’t mess about and gave him a tough time as we do with all new boyfriends.”

Luckily, Lewis managed to pass this daunting PCD initiation test.”Lewis is so quiet and well mannered and he makes Nicole happy,” Kimberly gushed.”We love the fact that he’s British.”

High praise indeed. But we pity the poor bloke who doesn’t cut the Pussycat mark. He’ll be roadkill in no time at all, we’re guessing…

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