50 Cent can’t pass up a good challenge, nor learn his lesson. This time, he pits himself against N’Syn’s Lance Bass.  Both 50 Cent and Lance Bass have launched their books at the same time, and held launch parties on the same night.Cent explained to attending pressmen that he loved competitions and he loved challenging Lance on this one. He betted that his “50 x 50” will sell more copies that Lance’s “Out Of N’Syn”.

Lance was not one to take it down lightly so he played pat-a-cake. At his launch party, he said that 50 Cent was going down. Without even reading his book, Lance confidently said that 50 had no relationships (with guys) to boast about in his “50 x 50” book. Lance then proceeded to drop another bomb. He made a wild guess that 50 Cent has had no space training either.lance-bass1