Madonna babysat went to dinner with her rumored-to-be boy-toy, Jesus Luz, last night in Los Angeles.

Sources tell me that the 50-year-old mother of three and the 22-year-old smokin’ hot Brazilian model hit the Grey Goose party at the new West Hollywood outpost of London’s famed Italian brasserie Cecconi’s. They arrived at about 9:30 pm and stayed for close to three hours at a table with two other people.

Whether or not the two are an actual romantic couple is still a question. Sources down in Brazil tell me they are just friends. And crafty staffers at the restaurant managed to arrange for Madge and Jesus to come and go without the paparazzi getting so much as a single shot.

Also at the eatery was Marisa Tomei, who was hosting a dinner to celebrate her Oscar nomination for her work in The Wrestler. By her side was her smokin’ hot actor beau, Logan Marshall-Green, who at 34 is 10 years younger than Tomei.

That’s not all I have for you. Read on to find out which British starlet caused some laughs and snickers with her wobbly ways…

Sienna Miller was having such a good time she apparently had trouble telling the difference between people and…a table?

An onlooker laughed, “She walked right into an empty table and without missing a beat looked right at it and said, ‘Oh, excuse me. I’m sorry.’ ”

No word if she also bumped into Matthew Rhys, whom she dated before she infamously hooked up with his Brothers & Sisters costar Balthazar Getty. The actor was there with a gaggle of pals.

Also stopping by for dinner or drinks were Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, Elton John and hubby David Furnish, Eva Longoria Parker, Ginnifer Goodwin, Juliette Lewis, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Stratham, Josh Hartnett, Peter Berg, Elizabeth Reaser, Ryan Phillippe, Harvey Weinstein, Oliver Stone and Rachel