Prankster Kristy Swanson stunned guests at her wedding ceremony on Saturday when she asked her longtime movie stunt double to take a fall for her.

The original Buffy The Vampire Slayer added drama to her big day after persuading Heather Burton Gibson to don a white gown and veil and tumble down a flight of stairs as wedding guests waiting at the bottom gasped in shock.

The actress says, “I just thought, ‘Well, I’ll ask her,’ and I go, ‘Will you fall down the stairs for me?’ and she said, ‘Hell, yeah, I’ll do it.'” Even Swanson’s mom, Rosemary, was fooled into thinking her daughter had tripped and fallen down the stairs.

She tells news show Entertainment Tonight, “I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Well, the worst thing that could happen to Kristy would be if she would take a tumble down those stairs and, when it happened, I just panicked.”

After the prank, Swanson glided down the stairs and exchanged vows with professional ice skater Lloyd Eisler, who she met while shooting the TV reality show Skating With Celebrities. kristy-swanson