Lisa Ray was finishing High School in Canada with aspirations of reading Journalism at University when a celebrated fashion magazine approached her to model for them, and she ended up on the cover. This catapulted her into a state of instantaneous recognition. Her high profile career got her noticed by Indian film-makers but she refused many offers until the offbeat _Kasoor (2001)_ , which received a considerable amount of attention. Deepa Mehta then cast her as the lead in the light-hearted romantic comedy, Bollywood/Hollywood (2002), which went on to be a huge success in Canada. She also played the lead on _Ball & Chain (2004)_ , a romantic comedy, filmed in Austin, Texas. She subsequently moved to London to train in acting and concentrate on a serious career in the performing arts. She recently graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and has subsequently worked in ‘Seeking Fear’. lisa-ray