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Fitting in quality bonding time with her young son while readying for the work week, Christina Aguilera took little Max on a shopping trip in West Hollywood on Sunday.


Christina Aguilera Steps Out for Stephen Webster

May 30, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Christina Aguilera


Making the trip to Sin City, Christina Aguilera hosted the 2009 collection launch for Stephen Webster at TAO on Friday night (May 29).

Clad in a sexy black ensemble with silver heels and plenty of Stephen Webster jewelry, the “Genie In A Bottle” beauty has heaped nothing but praise on her designer pal.

Cher & Christina Aguilera

May 22, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Christina Aguilera

Cher is in talks to join Christina Aguilera in the movie musical Burlesque, a rep for Screen Gems has revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

Christina Aguilera2

The Oscar-winning star of Moonstruck, 63, would play the owner of a Los Angeles burlesque club in the Steve Antin-directed film. Christina will make her on-screen debut as a small-town girl who works at the cabaret.

The project would mark Cher’s return to the big screen after a six year absence from the silver screen.

Getting back into her professional career following time off to care for her young son, Christina Aguilera looks to have her sights set of big screen stardom.

According to Variety, the “Genie In a Bottle” beauty will be starring in a new movie called “Burlesque”.

Christina Aguilera1

Described as a contemporary musical, Miss Aguilera will portray an “ambitious small-town girl with a big voice who finds success at an L.A. neo-burlesque club.”

“I couldn’t be more excited, as this was a project written with her in mind,” Screen Gems’ Clint Culpepper told Variety.

Well what do ya know, Lady GaGa has admitted that her burgeoning career got a big boost when Christina Aguilera was accused of stealing her look earlier this year.

The multiplatinum-selling singer performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in September wearing platinum blonde hair extensions, a black catsuit, and a mask, leading many critics to claim she was swagger jacking Lady GaGa’s signature.

“Well, it was very flattering when it happened. She’s such a huge star and if anything I should send her flowers, because a lot of people in America didn’t know who I was until that whole thing happened.

“It really put me on the map in a way, though of course I don’t just want to be remembered for the Christina Aguilera scandal.”

“There are no hard feelings with Christina at all,” Lady says. “What it showed me was, even though I’ve only been on the commercial market for seven or eight months, I’ve really burned graphic images of my visuals onto the irises of my fans.”

“They saw a huge, Grammy-winning star who’s been around for years and they recognized Lady GaGa. That to me is quite an accomplishment.christina-aguilera

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