I’ll let that one sink in for a minute.

Now Tyler has never come out of the closet (his career won’t allow for that), but if anyone reading this doesn’t believe he is gay feel free to chime in in the comment section.

Now this isn’t the first case of a woman getting hitched to an obviously gay man. There’s Terry and her dude. Star and Al and my personal favorite, Govenor McGreevey and his wife, where later it was found out they were having threesomes with some young (male) teneroni. Now that was some kinky stuff.

What all of these women have in common, however, is that they knowingly married gay men. Now Star might try and convince folk that she didn’t know Al was gay…yeah okay…there were pictures of Al floating ’round the internet with him in his draws and a big all male Halloween party in the Hamptons...before they said “I do,”but he wasn’t gay.

Now don’t get me wrong, for all I know Taraji and Perry (assuming the rumors are true) could have some understanding and she could be perfectly okay with his…proclivities. Just think about Eddie and all of his women. While I don’t doubt that Eddie likse women, with Johnny Gil living in his basement, I also don’t doubt that he likes men either. And I personally feel if all parties involved are cool with, then who am I to say anything about it.

But what about the women who turn a blind eye to the obvious?

The women who swear up down that there very effeminate man isn’t gay?

These are the women who I refer to as traveling up that river in Africa…without a paddle.

And the sad part about it is a lot of Black women, young an old, seem to fall into this category.

To my ever increasing amazement Black women (particularly those heavily involved in the church) like to believe that gay men just don’t exist. Even with the “down low” being added to everyone’s vocabulary, I’ve seen too many women running around with gay men taking aobut this is there boyfriend/fiance/husband.

It’s like, because God has deemed homosexuality a sin (for those who believe that), combined with the hyper-masculinity of today’s Black male culture, the rampant homo-phobia of Black culture combined with a heaping dose of desperation by Black women because of the perceived male shortage and end up with folk pretending to be something they are not with way too many people willing to buy into the pretense.

And to perfectly honest I have no sympathy for these chicks. When Terry McMillan came out hollering how she was duped when her husband came out of the closet (a closet that was glass and wide open mind you) I thought, “Well that’s what happens when you turn a blind eye to the obvious.” It’s like putting your hand on a hot stove and then being surprised when you’re burned.

Note to Black women: You can’t be so desperate for a man that you’re willing to marry anyone that comes your way when it’s obvious that his interests lie else where.

To the couple that inspired this post: I wish Taraji and Tyler the best (assuming it’s true.) But goodness knows if they get marry and later Taraji comes out hollering she felt like she was duped because she found Tyler in bed with a man…all I will do is shake my head and ask, “What the hell are you feeling duped about?”tyler-perry