Paris Hilton has been invited to the swank Opera Ball in Vienna by seventy-four year old construction tycoon Richard Lugner. R.L has previously invited celebs like Geri Halliwell, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra as his date, but the businessman’s Paris invition has hit a sour note with Austria residents.

Since Richard’s invite, the Austrian media has stalked Herpes’ every movement, including her no-contest plea to alcohol-related reckless driving and the Parisexposed scandal that revealed Herpes Hilton as a modern-day Hitler in cheap pumps.

“This makes a farce of the Opera Ball,” said Barbara Kroth, a retired real-estate agent who said she always looks forward to the annual affair “because of the quality it represents.”

The Opera Ball draws about 4,500 well-heeled Austrian and foreign celebrities, dignitaries and socialites. The ball costs $280 per person and tickets typically sell out months in advance.

Richard Luger shrugs off any questions about the purity of P.H:

“Look, there are probably three or four nude photos of me, too, stashed away somewhere.”

Paris is looking forward to showing off her dance steps at the February 15 event:

“I learned the waltz when I was young,” she said. “All I really have to do now is practice my steps.” richard-lugner