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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Looking Happy Couple

Jul 27, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Looking happy as can be, Mariah Carey and husband  Nick Cannon, were out and about enjoying their Friday night (July 24) in Tribeca, NY.

The couple was happy to pose for pictures while dressed to impress with Carey in a little black dress and Cannon in a grey suit.

The night before Mariah made an appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” show.

In related news, the sexy songstress’ new album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” had a release date of August 25, but was pushed back to September 15 due to an adjustment with digital retailers.

Mariah Carey “Obsessed” in NYC

Jun 29, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey1

Getting to work on a brand new video shoot, Mariah Carey was spotted out at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on Monday afternoon (June 29).

The “Glitter” diva looked her usual glammed up self, toting around her pet pooch before filming takes for her upcoming “Obsessed” music video.

As for the recently released track, it happens to be featured on Mimi’s soon-to-be released album called “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” – due out in stores on August 25, 2009.

The track happens to be a much-deserved response to Eminem’s recent lyrical attacks of Miss Carey and her hubby, Nick Cannon.

In the song, she sings, “Why you so obsessed with me/ Lying that you sexing me.”

Mariah Carey Premieres “Precious” at Cannes

May 16, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Mariah Carey

Glamming up the red carpet, Mariah Carey strutted her stuff at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of “Precious” on Friday evening (May 15).

Joined by rocker Lenny Kravitz, the “Loverboy” beauty was decked out in black as she took a solo run for photogs before teaming up with her Cannes companions.


Talking about her rols, Mariah told press: “The only reactions from fans who have seen the trailer and twittered me have said the movie’s amazing. No one has said, ‘Girl I can’t believe you are there with those dark circles under your eyes and wearing a wig and looking nasty.’ No one went that far.”

Talking about her hubby Nick Cannon’s take on her latest theatrical work, Carey tells: “My husband’s response was over-the-top supportive and amazing. It was not like, ‘I can’t believe you let yourself look like that in the movie.’ “

Gossip Is ‘Complete Untruth’ About Mariah Carey

Feb 13, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Mariah Carey

mario-lopezMariah Carey is fighting back against a new Internet report that suggests she is feuding with Jennifer Lopez.

The report, which has spread in the blogsphere Tuesday, includes a quote – supposedly from Carey – saying that she would rather appear on stage with a certain animal than ever share a stage with Lopez. The story, Carey tells PEOPLE. is “a complete untruth.”

Carey insists that the quote did not, and would not, come from her.

“This is just some Internet gossip and it’s pathetic that people actually entertain the thought that this could be real,” Carey adds. “This is another sad example of two strong women being pit against each other.”

Carey has a new album due out in the spring, shortly after Lopez is due to give birth.

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