Former 1970s radical and longtime fugitive Sara Jane Olson will be released from a California prison on Tuesday and will begin her 3-year parole in Minnesota. Read more on Sara Jane Olsen’s story below.

Sara Jane Olson, who was a fugitive for over twenty years after attempting to kill Los Angeles police officers as well as participating in a deadly bank robbery while a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, is scheduled to be released from a California prison.

Police in LA and Minnesota are objecting to the terms of her parole.

Olson was set free by California corrections officials a year ago when they miscalculated her parole date. She was then re-arrested five days later as she was boarding a flight to Minnesota.

“After what happened last year, I think she won’t feel comfortable until she’s back in Minnesota,” said David Nickerson, one of her lawyers. “She is just anxious about getting out … until she’s home, until she knows it’s real. She wants to be with her family.”

Olson, 62, is scheduled to be released Tuesday from the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla.

Many people want Sara Olsen to serve her parole in California, where her crimes were committed.