queen elizabeth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth joined over 140 children at a giant birthday party in Scotland Wednesday. The monarch joined a group of 10-year-olds at the Scottish Parliament building of Holyrood after all 163 youngsters born in Scotland on July 1, 1999 -the day of devolution, when Scotland got its own government – were invited to join festivities.

Accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, the queen toured parliament’s main hall, which was filled with children creating "Happy Birthday" posters from cut-up photographs.

Chloe McDonald, who now lives in Canada but was born in Greenock, was thrilled to meet the royal couple.

She said: "They were very interested in what we were doing. I’m excited that I got to meet the Queen in person. They have fireworks tonight. This is a once in a lifetime experience."

Michael Malcolm was another youngster who travelled far for the event – his family moved from Inverness to Germany five years ago – but insisted the trip was worth it."

He said "I’ve not been back in years. I’m happy because I got to meet the Queen and stay with my cousin in Edinburgh."

Geordan Grant, from Aberdeen, even managed to sneak a picture of the queen using one of the disposable cameras the children were given by parliament.

He said: "She was standing near me so I took a picture. She turned round and smiled at me."

Speaking about the event, Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson talked of the "unique bond" between the children and devolution.

He said: "These children share their birth date with the beginning of devolution and have a unique personal bond with the birth of our nation’s Parliament."

"I very much hope that these children will retain their strong links with this Parliament, as through them is told the unfolding story of devolution."