Ben Affleck was “never very good” at dating. The 36-year-old actor – who had relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez before marrying Jennifer Garner – admits starring in the new romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You” was a challenge because he hasn’t always been lucky in love.

Hi said: “You’re asking me for dating advice? I can’t give any – I was never very good at it, I don’t think anyone should follow my advice.”

Ben added he enjoyed making the film – which tells the stories of several young men and women in different stages of relationships – because it reminded him of his life before he was married.

He said: “This film showed me that I’m happy I’m married. But I do like listening to boys when they are dating, and all the actors in the movie are very good. We have all these different archetypes – the one who’s trying too hard and is a really nice guy but the girl doesn’t like him anyway. Then there’s the player who takes a girl under his wing.”

“They all did such a compelling job it kind of reminded me of another life, a look back for me – it’s testament to good work!”

Ben’s co-star Bradley Cooper also loved shooting the film, adding it gave him some excellent relationship tips.

He revealed to ET Online: “There were always certain things I didn’t subscribe to, like Valentine’s Day. It’s a hoax, it’s people trying to make money off you. I don’t have to have one day where I show you I love you. But you know what? I’ve learnt it’s not worth it! Certain things – just make the compromise.”