COMEDIAN Chuck Nice needs to keep his act on the stage and out of the airport. The star of VH1’s “Best Week Ever” was in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport over the weekend when the gate attendant announced his flight to New York would be delayed. She then said everyone could board, but the plane would be sitting on the tarmac for another hour.“At that point I don’t know what came over me,” Nice told Page Six. “In a Shakespearean Old English voice, I just start yelling, ‘Outrageous! Outrageous I tell you! Brethren this is our moment, shall we be treated like cattle herded about the country? Let us rise up together! What say you?’ – and I think that it’s over and we had a laugh,” said Nice. “But it was total silence.” Nice said minutes later, he lined up to board and was met by three cops and airport security. “The attendant is screaming ‘That’s him! That’s the one!’ and that she wants me arrested,” related Nice, who received a “flying post-9/11? lecture. “I explained to cops I was a comic and the attendant said, ‘No, he’s not a comic. He’s a moron and an idiot.’ ” He missed the flight but was allowed on the next one out, which was delayed almost four hours.Marquee